First-Timer - One day trip to both parks - Fastpass Priority?


We are planning our first trip for Friday, June 2. We only have one day so plan to try to visit the highlights in both parks. I have 11 and 8 year old Star Wars fanatics. When we went to WDW, they canceled our show for Jedi training due to rain, so it is a priority for us this time. If we do Jedi Training sign-up first thing, will we have to miss out on Radiator Springs Racers at DCA (because we won’t be able to get a FastPass )?


Disneyland will open an hour before DCA, maybe you can sign up for the Jedi training at rope drop and then get a time for the afternoon show and have the morning to get a fastpass for radiator springs.


Also, GotG opens today so you might see that it pulls away from the craze of RSR FPs. I would go to DL first & get the first showtime & then spend the AM touring DL. Hop after Jedi Training and get an RSR FP first thing and tour DCA until RSR FP. Me personally, I would hop back to DL because there’s so much to do, but definitely make use of hopping between to make the most of what you want to see and hopping is so easy out west!

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Another idea would be to RD DL and get Jedi Training – and if you happen to be going with another adult send that adult to DCA to grab FP for everyone for RSR, then meet back in DL. We did this when I was in DL last Oct.

Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy is pulling from Radiator Springs. There were still FP around 1ish when we were there on Thursday. It is also pulling away from long lines. People were actually willing to wait 3 hours in line they had to add extra ropes to make room for it. The line for RSR was “only” 65 minutes several times during the day.