First timer needs help

Hi everyone … my family and I are lucky enough to be coming to WDW from the UK for 15 nights in October / November we are staying at the Beach Club Resort Hotel and are on the Disney dining plan. I’ve been watching this forum for weeks now looking for hints and tips for our trip as I’m finding this all a bit stressful planning everything out as I’m used to beach holidays in the past … first timer to Disney. I have a 5 yr old son and a 14 yr old daughter who I want to have the best experience possible so please help.
Ive looked at the crowd calendar, reviewed the restraunts etc to come up with a day by day plan as follows

Day 1 Saturday

Day 2 Sunday
Magical Kingdom
Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe 11.30am lunch
Be Our Guest 5.30pm dinner

Day 3 Monday
Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie 11.30am lunch
Biergarten Restraunt 5.30pm dinner

Day 4 Tuesday
Animal Kingdom
Restraurantasaurus 11.30am lunch
Tusker House Restraunt 5.30pm dinner

Day 5 Wednesday (late start)
Hurricane Hannah’s 11.00am lunch
Magical Kingdom
Liberty Tree Tavern 5pm dinner
Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party

Day 6 Thursday (late start)
Hollywood Studios
ABC Commissary 11.30am lunch
Hollywood and Vine 5.30pm dinner

Day 7 Friday
Magical Kingdom
Caseys Corner 12.00pm lunch
Mickeys Backyard BBQ 6.30pm

Day 8 Saturday
Typhoon Lagoon morning
Leaning Palms 11.30am lunch
Epcot afternoon
Tutto Italia Ristorante 5.30pm

Day 9 Sunday
Lotus Blossom Cafe 11.30am lunch
Captains Grill YC 5.30pm dinner

Day 10 Monday
Animal Kingdom
Flame Tree BBQ 11.30am lunch
Yak and Yetti Cafe 5.30pm dinner

Day 11 Tuesday
Hollywood Studios
Starring Rolls Cafe 11.30am lunch
Sci Fi Dine in Theatre Restraunt 5.30pm dinner

Day 12 Wednesday
Blizzard Beach morning
The Warming Hut 11.30am lunch
Epcot early afternoon
Via Napoli 5.30pm dinner

Day 13 Thursday
Magical Kingdom
Tortuga Tavern 11.30am lunch
The Crystal Palace 5.30pm dinner

Day 14 Friday (late start)
Be Our Guest 11.00am lunch
The Plazza Restraunt 5.00pm dinner
Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party

Day 15 Saturday (late start)
Le Catina de San Angel 11.30am lunch
Biergarten Restraunt 5.30pm dinner

Day 16 Sunday

My wife and daughter are not early birds so the earliest we would get to the parks would be for 9am. My next stage was to start the touring plans if you all recon the days I’ve planned look ok? Like I say I’m not enjoying the planning at all so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated … Thankyou

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Day 4 did you book TH with the river of lights?

Day 6 did you book H&V with fantasmic?


You haven’t called it out, but since you are on the dining plan, both Tusker House and Hollywood and Vine have packages where you get a ticket to the evening show (River of Light, Illuminations). They are a separate reservation – for example, you must book Hollywood and Vine Fantasmic rather than just Hollywood and Dine. But they aren’t extra cost on the dining plan, so I would definitely make sure to get those.

It would help to know what the CL is for the days.

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Hi … no I didn’t know of this but my booking window doesn’t open till next month so I will do now … I told you I was clueless :joy:

Hi … didn’t have a clue … will definitely do this now … I selected these restaurants completely based on reviews so it’s nice to get somewhere good to see the shows from too … just so much to think about it hurts my head … after a day at work I dread coming home for more planning but know it will give our holiday structure rather than wondering around aimlessly

If your family are not morning people, I would make sure I’m not going to a park that has morning extra magic hours! Here is some info to look at:

There’s only a couple of days at AK and MK that we will have early EMH and if I’m honest I may try and get everyone up to do atleast one rope drop at MK as the big kid in me wants to do it :blush:

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I notice that you’re looking at doing Biergarten twice for dinner. I’m not sure how adventurous your family is when it comes to food, but I would consider trying some of the other excellent restaurants in World Showcase. We really like Teppan Edo in Japan and both of the Mexican table service restaurants. Or if you’re feeling homesick there is always the UK pavilion! :grinning:

You also might want to consider one of the monorail resort restaurants for one of your Magic Kingdom days. Ohanas is one of our favourites.


Are you on the dining plan? or paying out of pocket for your meals?
If on the dining plan, remember that when your 180 day window opens up you can book ALL of your dinners and your ‘Be our Guest’ lunch. Also if on the dining plan, book your meals in order of difficulty. BOG first, Mickeys back yard BBQ, Fantasmic dinner package, ROL package, and then all the rest.

You should read this. Not to scare you away but to help you.

I will be at a beach Club 9 nights during the Oct/nov crossover too! Perhaps our paths will cross :slight_smile:

Does your ticket allow park hopping? With Epcot being so close, I am planning on doing Epcot at rope drop at least a few days, and saving my fast passes for my evening park. Also considering going to Epcot for dinner a few nights since Beach Club is sooo close…

I know the planning is hard, but you are doing a great job so far!! Mark your calendar and try to secure your dining ASAP on the day you’re allowed. If you don’t get the time you want, keep looking! Times open up all the time. Take the closest time that is available and modify later :slight_smile:

@martin_claire I don’t know your exact dates, but be aware that Typhoon Lagoon usually goes down for an annual refurbishment, starting in late October until after New Year’s. They have not announced this year’s dates yet, but should before summer.

BOG dinner is changing to a prix fixe dinner starting July 27. It will be two dining credits. (In case you didn’t know.)

WDW is more than just the parks - take time to visit the monorail resorts and Wilderness Lodge, and Disney Springs.

Hi … we are on the dining plan yes … I’ve already had a practice at booking just not so sure about booking with fireworks / shows

I don’t know if you have a separate website for booking when in the UK. Here’s the link I use:

Gutted about BOG dinner (I didn’t know) :cry: … may just have lunch there then and do a signature restraunt instead … maybe one where we can see the fireworks … will have to have a rethink … thanks for your help

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Hi there … yes we can parc hop but I’m just concerned about my son … he will have just turned 5 and I don’t want him to have any melt downs if the days are to long … it’s properly hurting my head all this planning :confounded:

Winner thanks :pray:t2:

Have a stroller delivered to your resort. take it with you everywhere you go :slight_smile: when he falls asleep, keep enjoying the evening. that’s what we did the last 3 trips. we’re trying this time without a stroller. she’ll be close to 8 years old when we are there this fall.

Kingdom Strollers is who I used. They’ll deliver it to your resort at Bell Hop. Drop off at Bell Hop when you check out. I have found it better to rent from outside vendor. the in park stroller rentals must be left inside the park. the outside vendor stroller comes with you. this allows you to let the sleeping child sleep until the bus arrives.


Also, the dining packages for Fantasmic may not open immediately on your 180 day… but keep checking back. They will eventually release the packages.

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Had though of renting one … this looks like a much better solution that the park ones … thanks again … I will get there ha

Oh god that’s got me worried… would you reserve anyway and cancel once the package is up just to be safe ?