First timer looking for itinerary help with some *special* caveats

-First time at UOR
-Family of five: 2 adults, and G11, B8, B5
-2 of us have broken bones and are in boots and have stroller/ECV to accommodate.
-1 adult and 1 child potterheads.
-1 kid likes transformers
-will not be doing any of the crazy coasters due to being sissies (for some) medical issues (for others)
-No early entry
-2 days (Friday/Saturday holiday weekend) with park to park passes.
-No express pass, but even better we are on my son’s wish trip and have a golden pass. This pass will let us go to the front of the line at every ride at any times. No limitations.

So what would your itinerary be if you could walk on every ride?
My first instinct was to do one park one day, and then the other the next, but wonder if should follow HP timeline with UOS → IOA with meandering other rides first day and then second day repeat favorites and fill any gaps.

Also we are foodies, so curious about your must eats. Our kids are adventurous eaters but will also tear up some cheap eats too. Have reservation for Mythos (thinking of cancelling bc meh?) and Cowfish. Happy to snack our way through the parks if recommended

Thanks for your help

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I don’t think it sounds like you have to make an attraction plan with your wish pass. I generally don’t make plans even if I just have express pass, so I think you’re even more set up to just to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

As for food, there are lots of fun treats in the wizarding world for your Potterheads. I personally rate Mythos very highly, but you’ll know your family preferences better. Cowfish is great.
BigFire and Toothsome are our other favourites.

Hope you have an excellent trip :grinning:


Definitely agree on the snacks in the wizarding world! The ice cream at Florean Fortescue’s is awesome. And you will have to try the Butterbeer.

We really enjoy Antojitos for Mexican food. The tableside guacamole is great.

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If I had a Golden Pass my Top 10 of what I’d do - (with no extreme coasters)

#1 - Hagrid’s. I’ve gotten to skip the queue a couple times. It’s the best part of any trip!
#2 - All of WWOHP - No need to do it “in order”. You can, but IME it’s more of a hassle.
(I realize I put a two whole lands in this spot. If I didn’t the list would just be WWOHP)
#3 - Jurassic Park River Adventure. You won’t get too wet & it’s great!
#4 - Meet a Raptor / Meet a Transformer
#5 - Revenge of the Mummy
#6 - The Bourne Stuntacular
#7 - The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
#8 - Kong: Skull Island
#9 - Poseidon’s Fury
#10 - The Nighttime Lights at Howgart’s OR The Universal Cinematic Celebration Fountain Show

You’ll want to park hop taking The Hogwarts Express. It’s a different experience each way!

USF has more shows and better food. IOA has more rides.

Must try foods

#1 - Butterbeer - We all debate which is the best version. I’m a hot butterbeer person!
#2 - Any Crepe at Central Park Crepes
#3 - Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium. You’ll kid’s will love it and the food is good.
#4 - Mytho’s
#5 - Lombard’s Seafood
#6 - Breadbox Handcrafted Sandwiches. (Really good and inexpensive)
#7 - Red Oven Pizza (Very shareable in size & inexpensive)
#8 - Any deluxe hotel breakfast buffet - All good quality and $30 will fill you up. I like The Kitchen at HRH
#9 - Cowfish - Good burgers & good value. (Milkshakes are better than Toothsome’s!)
#10 - Antojito’s


My favorite thing at Mythos is the grilled cheese in tomato soup. It sounds boring but is one of those things that has been chef-elevated. I like to get the sandwich on the side and dunk. DH likes the lamb.


My hack for theme park vacations is to do a special dinner on arrival day and a special breakfast on departure day at restaurants that don’t require a park ticket. It makes your vacation feel longer. I’m bringing it up because you mentioned Cowfish.


If you are getting wands, maybe do that first and do spells before that gets busy. Have a wonderful trip.

Yup I second the grilled cheese. I had something else last time and that was a mistake.

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I prefer wands at night. They don’t work well in the glare of day and some of the effects look better at night.

Hints for the child potterhead, if the child would like to be selected for the wand ceremony.

They want to pick a child that will put on a good show. They also have a preference for a kid the right age.

So, while in line particularly when you are the next group going in, coach the child ahead of time to speak clearly and distinctly and at a little higher volume than normal. They don’t want a kid that mumbles. A child that is animated and happy is a bonus, of course a Potterhead waiting for the wand ceremony will naturally be that.

I hadn’t read this, but it has to be human nature that they’ll be more likely to pick someone likely to buy. So for a conversation opener at the front of the line I asked DD what she hoped the core of her new wand would be. I know they heard because it was one of the ones she mentioned. We also had our robes, which come in handy when it is a little cold.


I’m sorry that your family is in the situation that you are granted wish trips. But I am so grateful that this trip is happening and I wish you all the best.

I am not the expert that so many others here are. We did our first ever trip this summer and had a great time.

While not super foodie-ish, I do recommend Schwab’s Ice Cream Counter at USF. The bowls were the size of our heads and only $5 each.


In our case, there were a few children in the group…and as a result, they picked a childless adult!