First Timer in need of guidance please, my FPP day is in 15 days

Below is my current plan, should I stick with this, or would you do things differently please?

Tues 13th
FPP 19:00 SE, 20:00 Soarin, 21:00 Figment (highly unlikely to use these)

Wed 14th
FPP 9:00 TSMM, 10:00 ST, 11:00 FF & TOT (DH)
ADR 12:35 H&V Fantasmic DP
ADR 15:40 Sci Fi
SW Fireworks?

Thur 15th
ADR 8:25 BOG
FPP 16:30 SE, 17:30 Nemo
ADR 18:20 Coral Reef
FPP 19:30 TT (DH) & 19:45 FEA

Fri 16th
FPP 10:00 Safari
ADR 11:35 Tuskers or 12:15 Y&Y
FPP 12:30 Rapids, 13:30 Everest (DH) & 14:30 Dino (DH with my band)

Sat 17th
FPP 11:00 Belle, 12:00 7DM, 13:00 Buzz
ADR 17:15 Ohana

Sun 18th
FPP 9:00 LWTL, 10:00 Soarin, 11:00 Figment
ADR 18:10 BOG

Mon 19th
FPP 11:15 SE, 12:15 M&G & MS (DH &DD7)
ADR 13:25 Akershus
FPP 14:30 FEA
SW Fireworks, Dessert Party, Kids Club?

Tues 20th
FPP 9:00 PP & Space? (DH), 10:00 Splash, 11:00 POTC
ADR 17:40 Park Fare

Wed 21st
FPP 9:00 7DM, 10:00 PP, 11:00 BTMR
Leave lunchtime

I have lost count of how many times our daily plan has changed in the last 6 months, most recent was only a week ago. How does it look please? Any thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated. ADR’s are booked and I do my FPP in 2 weeks time. It’s myself, DH, DD7, & DD5, and we are staying at the Poly. The second half of the week hasn’t changed that much but I’ve been very undecided on which day to do HS & AK, and which morning to not use FPP in MK and save them for EP in the evening. The girls would like to do kids club, which is brilliant but I’m not sure which night to book it. Sat night should be a relaxing early night as we have MVMCP on Sunday. I was feeling settled in my plan but the chances of getting FEA at 63 days out isn’t looking promising, so do I move our Epcot evening? We are coming from the UK so early mornings won’t be a problem for the first couple of days. I have duplicate ADR’s for HS on the Sat, AK on the Wed & Sat, and EP dinner on the Fri & Sat. There will hopefully be SW fireworks on Wed, but they might clash with Fantasmic or be too late to stay for. They should also be showing on Friday & Monday, but might not on Saturday as there are rumors of a SW event which might close the park at 7pm, which has me wondering if we should do Fantasmic on Saturday and the SW fireworks on Wednesday? We don’t want a non park day but do want the holiday to be easy and relaxing. As you can read I am still rather going round in circles. Please help.

There are only 3 hours between 2 table service meals. Unless you are all HEFTY eaters, you may not be hungry for your Sci Fi dinner.


I know it’s BOG but eating at 6:10 cuts into your “bonus” party time and possibly into your regular party time. If it were me, I would keep a lookout for an earlier meal time.

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Thank you. I’m using Sci Fi as a rest, only plan to order 1 kids meal and drinks and maybe a dessert. I have an earlier BOG on reservation Finder, one has come up, but I only get notifications by email, so I’m regularly hours too late.

I have a couple of thoughts for you. First, I think the later in the week you try to get FEA, the more likely you’ll get it. If this is important to you, I’d work on that first. You can start with any day you want when you go to get your FPP. Try and get that locked up and then go from there.

I’m not sure what the times currently are for the SW fireworks and Fantasmic, but I think it’s tricky to do both in one night. I think it is more possible if you can see Fantasmic after the fireworks. If you try to do Fantasmic first and then make it to the fireworks, it may be tough to get a good spot.

My personal preference at AK is to do the rapids last so that if I’m wet, I’m leaving anyway. If you aren’t leaving for a break, don’t mind being wet or are going to poncho up, it won’t matter. Again, just my personal preference.

One last thing I noticed is that it takes you a couple of days before you make it to MK. I love EP, but when my kids were little we always started at MK, especially if we stayed at a MK resort. Maybe it’s a party night and that’s not possible, but if it is, I can tell you that walking into MK on the first day of your first trip is very magical. Again, just our familiy’s preference but I thought I’d share it.

My son loves the kids club at the Poly. I’m sure your girls will too! We usually plan somewhere in the middle or closer to the end of the trip. Kids are missing toys and video games by then!

It looks like you have a great trip planned. Have a fantastic time!!!


Thank you. I will have another play around with my daily plan. The night we arrive is a party night at MK, but we won’t arrive at the resort till 7pm ish which will be midnight for us, so I can’t imagine us wanting to do anything. We are going to MK on our second full day, the first day MK will be really busy and other parks wont. Do you think I have too much time in MK over the week, or is that not possible? I agree about the Rapids, we might have to do it first if I manage to get a FPP for ROL, but I will bring poncho’s and flip flops.

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I’ve done so much research that I can look at someone else’s plan and make sensible suggestions, so why am I having so much trouble with mine? Initially I had AK first but decided I’d need to do that later to increase my chances of a ROL FPP, but that is unlikely to be relevant. I’m still stupidly hopeful that Disney will release info on the SW fireworks and ROL in the next week.


Good luck with ROL. I went in April and it was supposed to open two days before I was at WDW. I was in Florida for another event and did two nights at Disney world before we flew home.

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Wed to Fri the CL are very varied across the parks, and from Saturday everywhere is heaving.

I think with two little girls on your first trip, you will not have too much time in MK. Your EP time looks a little heavy to me. If it turns out that everyone really likes AK or HS, you could probably switch to either of those at the last minute on your Sunday morning.

When we go, I make plans for the second half of the trip but then when we are there I keep it more flexible to make changes if that is what everyone wants. You still have to plan around ADRs and hard to get FPP, but sometimes you just don’t know what will be a hit until you are there. We have gone many times and I still can’t anticipate what everyone may want to do at the time and I find myself adding time at a park that I didn’t anticipate. Sometimes the stuff we do that wasn’t planned turns out to be the most fun!

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Thank you. Our current EP time is Thursday 5-10pm, Sun 9:30-11:30am, and Monday 12-5pm, so it’s only 1 full day. I was wondering if I needed more time there.

I guess it looked like more to me because you had three days of FPP there. I still think you will be fine unless you are wanting to see everything in World Showcase. If you want to see every show, you won’t have enough time but my kids wouldn’t want to do that even if I did! I’m assuming that you are going late on Monday because of the party the night before but if you were feeling like you needed more time, you could go a little earlier that day.

Have you put together touring plans and optimized them?

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You are riding Soarin’ 2x and SE 2x during the week. You may want to consider those as potential time to get FPP to ride something else - perhaps this even opens an opportunity to get FEA FPP as that is one of your concerns. Also, I can’t imagine having a hard time getting FEA FPP on Mon 19th per your above schedule. Just log in on time and book it first!

I don’t see Turtle Talk on here as a FPP. It prob not necessary, but I like to maximize FPP in conjunction with my “must do” list - and Turtle talk is a must do for us. It’s sooooo cute.

You are also in Ep on the 13th. Is that a full day? If so, by the time you add in all your other time there, you might have too much time in EP. I find EP to be a 1.5 day park. One day is not enough. 2 days is slightly too much unless you spend a lot of time in World Showcase.

As for ADRs, keep checking. Stalk the Disney site and don’t rely on the reservation finder. It’s a great service, but I’ve found searching myself 3-4 times a day a lot better for me. You might also find openings at the 60 day and 45 day marks.

I can’t quickly tell from here how much time you actually have in the MK. How many approx hours do you think it is (don’t count eating time or the MVMCP party time)?

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While I’ll book FPP for Tues night, we won’t be using them. DD7 is crazy about Space, so I think she’ll want to do SE twice. On Sunday I’m thinking 9:30-11:30am in EP is better than 8-11am in MK, as we won’t want to start the day tired, but if we did EP a different morning we would have extra time to explore. Current MK time is Thur 9-12 without FPP, Sat 8/9-1/2, Sun 2:30 till late, Tues 7/8-lunchtime, & Wed 7/8-lunchtime. Thank you for helping. I like the idea of DH & I doing SW Fireworks without the kids but if we are tired an evening an Sam’s Grog Grotto might be better. I think I would settle for watching SW Fireworks with a bad view after Fantasmic as long as they don’t actually clash. It would be nice to not need to go back to HS. Thank you for helping.

Our perfect recipe for time in MK last year worked out to around 20 total hours. I’ve aimed for that this time around too and according to TP we’ll be able to do everything we want/need to do without factoring in our MVMCP hours. Bear in mind, I have a huge princess lover and a husband who must go explore 9 out of 10 shops even though we won’t buy much if anything.

If my math is correct you’re around 16 hours. That might be sufficient for you.

Remember - It’s impossible to do it all.

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I have put TP’s together, but I keep changing them. For HS I won’t be able to get the FPP for FF unless I manage to get exactly 9 & 10am for TSMM & ST. Is this likely to be problematic? I had wanted to start our holiday with a pre rope drop ADR and I have one for H&V, but it doesn’t include the Fantasmic package. Do I really need a VIP seat? Would definitily prefer not to eat at H&V twice. Thank you for helping.

I don’t think VIP seats for Fantasmic are necessary - it’s just a bonus. Get there 30 min ahead to get a good seat.

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This will depend on CL and if there are 2 shows or not. If there are 2 shows, this is probably true of the second show. If the CL is very low, this may also be true of a first or only. But if it’s a high CL and there is only 1 show, 30 min prior may not even get you in, let alone get a good seat. The ONLY way I will see F! anymore is with a DP…

A caveat: I have not been to F! since the institution of the new SW fireworks show, so that may diffuse the F! crowds a bit.

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Wed is CL6, Sat is CL8, both only 1 showing at the moment. I need to stop fretting, it will be fine regardless of which day I visit each park. What lovely problems to have, the dilemma of CL2 or 6.

Last year, same time period, with the star wars fireworks being shown, I noticed people were walking in up to start time and squeezing in. This was the first show of the night. Not sure if they added a 2nd show of the night. And it was a crowd level 9 day. I can’t say for certain that the fireworks had anything to do with it but that is a reasonable enough assumption!

I think there are so many variables to factor in that it’s nearly impossible to predict them all.

And @Tate you couldn’t be more right. Such 1st world problems. It will be great. You are on holiday with your family. Enjoy yourself. Take some time to breathe it all in. I quickly realized that if we were late to the show, the only thing that was upset was my ego because I worked SO DAMN HARD on that plan that it has to go perfect.

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