First timer going in june

I am a pro for WDW but when it comes to DL we are going to “wing” it some.

We have 1 day for CA and 1 day for DL, I read about how to fast passes and I have reservations for Ariel’s grotto for lunch.

The crowd levels will be a 5 and 6 respectively.

Any tips will be helpful, thank you!

Is there anything specific that you are concerned about or have questions?

I am worried about getting the right fast passes. I read DLR blog and she says to grab fast passes at a certain time and my TP says to grab them at a different time. Just wondering which is actually the best. I am talking about using them for RSR and the such.

Hey there! I was just at Disneyland and DCA last week and I just posted this on the Disneyland Liners page. Hopefully there’s some information you might find helpful about DCA:

Just wanted to share that a slight variation of the “Gabe” worked really well for us on a busy day at DCA last week. We were at the gate 1/2 hour before open and lined up to the left of gates. They let us in to a rope by Carthay Circle restaurant. I was on a mission for fast passes to Radiator Springs (beware: fast pass kiosks are in front of It’s Tough to Be a Bug on the way to RSR–so don’t go all the way to the ride) and hubby was lined up for bee-line to TSMM (no fast passes available for this ride) with son. I was with passes about two minutes after rope drop and observed that the line for fp quickly filled. Walked past Soarin’ to Grizzly Peak area to stop and get World of Color passes (not connected to any other fast passes) and got blue viewing section. Continued to TSMM. Was about 4 minutes behind hubby. 2x TSMM, 2x California Screaming, 2 x Goofy Flight School, then to Radiator Springs for fp return of 9:40-10:40. After ride, immediately got 3 more fp for Radiator Springs and return time was 3:20-4:20. Rode Soarin’, Luigi’s, single rider Radiator Springs and after 2 hours got fp for ToT for 3:40-4:40 return. It was a busy day but feel we got to see all of our favorites. I highly recommend going to TSMM as soon as possible after rope drop–it fills up quickly!

Best advice for someone coming from WDW to DL is how close everything is at DL.
It doesn’t take a fortnight to walk from IASW to Space, for example.

Will you be staying on Property?

Can you get to TSMM from RSR or do you have to walk all the way around the park?

Well, there isn’t a straight shot. The shortest route is (if you are coming out of RSR) is to turn left into Paradise Pier area out of Cars Land and stay on the left of the lake (past the roller coaster). TSMM is literally on the far side of the lake.

Thank you. This is the biggest stressor of the trip for me lol