First timer considering renting DVC

Talk to me about using DVC rental companies… What do I need to know? Only looking for a few days on the front end of our cruise, In March 2017… TIA!!

We’ve used DVCrequest (David’s) for several years. You just fill out the request form and they take it from there basically. If you use them, you give them a deposit at the time of request. If they can’t fulfill your request, you get that back.

There may be a minimum number of points to purchase. I think it’s 40.

@egkleinmann, have you used a different rental company? There may be ones out there that don’t have minimums.

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Check out - be sure to read the Comments section, as people talk about their experiences with various rental companies.


Yes, I’ve booked through DVC Rental Store twice. They’re amazing. No fee to search reservations and I don’t believe there’s a minimum requirement. They also have a “specials” page where I often see small points being sold at a deeper discount - usually for last minute reservations but some for travel dates further out too.