First Time WDW MK Opening show on Dec 30th or not?

My family and I (husband, 13yr old daughter & 7 year old son) are at Disney MK for our first time om Dec 30th.
I would love to watch the 10 minute opening show at MK (no EMM this day) as this is our first strip to USA and Disney this really is a once in a lifetime holiday for us. Based on crowd levels of 10, should we just go straight to rides and skip the show at rope drop? I’m trying to plan as much as possible as I know this is the craziest time of year to be at Disney :weary: What are your thoughts??

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You can do both, really.

The crowds will gather closest to the rope that leads to the attraction, however you’re still able to see the show (though it might be a crappy angle). As park only opens at the show’s end, you will be able to see the full thing (minus the characters waving and retreating back into the castle). Then it’s a walk toward whatever you’re trying to ride (because you can’t run past the cast members who will walk you to your attraction).

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I’d watch the TP rope drop MK video if you’re interest in SDMT at RD. If you weren’t planning to head to that ride first, you’re probably ok to watch the show.