First Time Visitor Pin

How does one acquire first-time visitor pins for the kiddos?

We got ours when we checked in at our hotel (WL) if u r celebrating something like a birthday, anniversary etc tell them that too .

Ask at front desk

You can also find them in the parks, such as at City Hall in MK. They have many different celebration pins, even blank ones you fill in, “I’m celebrating___”

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We’re not staying at a WDW resort, so we might try out City Hall. Are the pins (first-time visitor) there free? Is there really a decent chance that a CM would see them on my kids and might get to skip the line on at least one ride? I’m just trying to justify if it’s worth waiting in line at City Hall for a “chance” that we might get to jump at least one line. Thanks.

There is not a guarantee that you will extra “pixie dust” because you are wearing a first visit pin.

They are free, but they are large, old fashioned “button” style pins - not trading style pins. You can get them in lots of places and from lots of CMs around the park, so you can definitely grab one at some point without waiting in line. However, I would absolutely not have any sort of expectation of jumping a line due to a pin. 75% of guests (maybe a high estimate) are wearing some type of pin. The most I would expect would be for a CM to congratulate you on your first visit.

What @melcort10 said. Seriously, EVERYONE seemed to be wearing a pin. We were celebrating 2 birthdays, DS turned 12 on our trip and DH’s 40th, and sometimes it seemed we were the only 3 people who didn’t have pins because they refused to wear them!

Thanks everyone for the replies. I definitely wasn’t expecting any pixie dust or any guarantees, although I wouldn’t turn pixie dust down either. I have just been reading lots of posts about people getting line skips because of first-time visits. Sounds like it’s not worth our time to go out of our way for these pins. Thanks.

We received a lot of greetings congratulating us on our first visit and mickey stickers. DD5 was thrilled.

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