First time visiting in forever, hows my itinerary look? LONG POST

Ok so I used to live in Kissimmee and went to WDW frequently. I moved back to NY in 2009 and I haven’t been back since. Now I’m heading back and I’m taking my boyfriend, who has never gone before. I feel pretty prepared, but you guys are all super experts, so I wanted to run our plans by you.

Tuesday 8/13:
9:00pm - Land at MCO
Take Magic Express to Pop Century
Grab sustenance from food court and crash

Wednesday 8/14:
6:30am - Wake up and caffeinate
7:00am - Bus to MK
8:25am - Breakfast at Crystal Palace
Hit Frontierland, Adventureland, and Liberty Square
Lunch at Casey’s
Dinner at Columbia Harbour House
2 Extra Evening Hours, aka run around like mad for any ride we want

Thursday 8/15:
7:30am - Wake and caffeinate
8:00am - Bus to HS
Hit Toy Story Land, Aerosmith and TOT, Star Wars, Indiana Jones Show and Muppets
Late lunch at Backlot Express
3:00pm - Bus to closest resort then switch to…
3:30pm - Bus to AK
Hit all the walking trails, Festival of Lion King and Kilamanjaro Safari
Dinner at Flame Tree BBQ
Maybe stay, maybe head back to Pop after dinner (depending on energy levels)

Friday 8/16:
Sleep in - maybe check out resort/pool
12pm - Bus to Epcot
Back to resort to pass out…I mean sleep

Saturday 8/17:
Sleep in (maybe take extra painkillers)
Head over to Animal Kingdom Lodge to explore
Bus to Disney Springs
Lunch (maybe Polite Pig? Chicken Guy?)
Take boat to POFQ
Carraige Ride
Boat back to Disney Springs
Wander more
Head back to resort to relax/sleep

Sunday 8/17:
6:30am - Wake up and caffeinate
7:00am - Bus to MK
8:20 Breakfast at BOG
Fantasyland and Tomorrowland
Lunch at Cosmic Rays
Maybe stay for dinner/maybe not…we’ll see how things roll
Sleep at some point

Monday 8/19:
8:00am - Wake up and caffeinate
8:45am - Bus to MK
9:00am - Monorail to Polynesian
9:40am - Breakfast at "Ohana
11:00am - Monorail to Epcot
Do Future World
Leave Epcot through back exit and explore Boardwalk Resort - GET ICE CREAM
Go back to Epcot and wander World Showcase (all the stops we missed while being too tipsy)
2 Hours Extra
Go back to resort and sleep again

Tuesday 8/20:
7:00am - Wake up and caffeinate
7:45am - Bus to AK
Hit Pandora, Expedition Everest, Kali River, Wildlife Express Train
Lunch at Yak & Yeti QS
Dinner at Satu’li Canteen
Wander Pandora at night
Maybe try Rivers of Light? (I’ve never seen it)
Go back to resort and sleep (our last night!!)

Wednesday 8/21:
Pretty much do whatever we want until Magic Express picks us up at 5:oopm - I’m thinking one last day at MK (cuz we gotta)
Take off at 8:30pm for depressing trip home

Did I miss anything worthwhile? We are not adventurous eaters (my boyfriend wants to have burgers just about every day) and we’re not spa/golf people. I love rides, so I want to go on everything possible and maybe meet a few characters. I’m kinda just hoping my plan looks at least somewhat feasible!

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There is a direct bus from HS to AK. Is there a reason you are going to a resort?


Nope, I just didn’t realize there was a bus between the resorts!
Thanks so much!
This is the info I need apparently lol!

Will you Uber?

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Maybe, or just bus to AK and then bus to the lodge
Whichever mode of transport moves us at the time

I would be at the bus stop at 7:00am. They let you into Main Street at 7:50 and you will be able to get through to the Beast castle at least, at that time.

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Ok- last one- AK opens very early!

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Good idea! We’ll make sure to get up a bit earlier on our MK days since we have early reservations for both those days

Ok maybe a bit of an earlier start on our AK days too lol!

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Like your plans and @PrincipalTinker s suggestions. Looks like a fun trip and not over the top busy!

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