First time visit when staying at resort plus new AP holder plan feedback

Ok so I pretty much have a plan! but would love some feedback in case I’m missing anything, this is the first time I have visited in Dec/Jan and first time during a busy period, and first time with an AP (Premier) AND first time spending a night at a resort AND first time with access to EP… Phew

So im feeling a bit nervous :smiley:

We land 5pm Tampa 27th. collect car and drive to our hotel(off property) will throw cases in and then nip to Universal and park at Citywalk to go and pick up AP x 3 been told guest services open till 10pm.

28th drive to Loews RP and check in at 6:30?am to colect room ticket and then walk over to IOA for early entry. and head for Hagrid then Velocicoaster and then follow a touring plan using Optimize…
Maybe doing wet rides before a 2/3pm break back to hotel for food and change and get room(if available).
Return to park 4pm and then follow touring plan again till close

29th Wake up early and do EE at UOR hit a couple headliners and then follow touring plan again basically same as day before but different park.

30th onwards we are primarily in Disney but plan to head out a couple of evenings to Universal to use the Express pass we get with our annual passes…

Does that sound logical? Thanks

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One tiny optimization from a cheap person. You will be charged parking that first time when you go to get the AP’s. What we did was DH dropped me off, and then drove across the street to 7-11 while I walked in to get our AP’s. Then we met and parked and went to the parks after that.
Or the hotels have ticket desks also that can issue AP’s. But, I don’t know what their hours are.

Thats a good tip thanks, also I guess I could walk over from citywalk? thats free to park in evenings isnt it?

Will also mail my hotel and see we are staying at Loews Royal Pacific.

Oh, that is right, you are going in the evening. We’d arrived at around 1pm before the free parking. The parking lot is the same. Citywalk is between the parking lot and the parks.

I love that hotel. Even though it was a short walk, I insisted we take the boats. It was like having another attraction to start the day.