First time visit- single visitor

Am planning what will probably be my one and only trip to WDW at end of 2017. It is so very far away from Australia so I may never get back and trying to cram as much in as possible.( now that I’ve said that hopefully I can prove myself wrong and let this be the start of many trips) Plan on spending about a week at Universal so I don’t have to rush those parks and visit SeaWorld. Would anybody recommend Busch gardens or any day tours I should look at including in my plans. I was then planning about 12 days at WDW so I should have plenty of time to see everything, and have a rest if needed. Would anybody know if there are plenty of change (coins) places in the parks because I definitely want to get as many pressed pennies as I possibly can and after carrying all that change around Disneyland last year, it’d be nice if I wasn’t too much of a packhorse this time. :smile:
Any recommendations about the Hoop Dee Doo revue meal? Should I go as a ‘loner’?
Can you plan too much? I know I’m getting in early but time is going to fly and it’s quite exciting.:smiley:

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I can offer a little advice on a couple of things.

Many of the pressed penny machines are adjacent to coin changers. There are sites that list all the location of the machines. pressed penny maps
I’ve also found that most shops will give you change for a dollar, even when you aren’t making a purchase.

Regarding Hoop Dee Doo, you can go it alone. I’d recommend requesting the category 3 seating as those are single seats on the balcony level. But, maybe there are some local liners who’d be interested in joining you! If I lived in Florida, I definitely would! Either way, please go. It’s one of the greatest things at WDW. Afterwards (or before if you get there early enough), weather permitting, you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride through part of Fort Wilderness for a small fee ($8). Sounds like you’ll be there for the holidays. The camp sites are usually decked out and it’s a lot of fun to see.

Good luck and have fun planning.

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How exciting! I’d focus on WDW, and yes do some yours if possible, like Wild Aftica Trek, Backstage Magic, etc. Those tours are great for solo travelers.


I did the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom solo last fall, and it was incredible. I highly recommend it! The tour itself is like nothing else at Disney World, or any theme park that I can think of. The guides are full of knowledge, and they make it a comfortable environment despite the fact that you’re solo in a group of strangers.

I really loved my solo trip, and I hope that you do too! Getting to experience it all for the first time, without having to worry about anyone else’s desires, is going to be amazing. And don’t count quite so quickly on it being your one-and-only trip. You might get the bug and decide you’ll have to go back one day! :wink:

If you do have solo questions, I’d be happy to answer any. There are lots of other Liners who have done solo trips, too. We’re full of ideas!

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I second WAT - one of the best (if not THE best) thing I’ve done at WDW. Busch Gardens is a beautiful park; lots of animals combined with some world-class coasters. In my opinion it’s worth a day side trip - but plan on a FULL day. It’s bigger than it looks on the map and has a lot of walking.

INHO it’s impossible to plan too much - but know up front that the actual trip will probably deviate from the plans. This is not a bad thing; some of my best times were those that occurred “on the fly”. The more you know before you go, the better you will be able to adapt to the unexpected.

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Thank you for all these things to think about. It’s greatly appreciated.

Also, I enjoy eating at bars. Tune-in and Y&Y are two of my favorites.