First Time Universal - Have 14 Day pass - 1 day each for Uni/HP/Islands or is HP to small for 1 day?

Hope 2 Questions in 1 post is OK

Q1. Doing orlando for 3 weeks in Nov 2019, have 14 day Univeral pass for all 3 parks. Not having been before, my (probably wrong) understanding is that Harry Potter World is sort of “in the middle” between Universal and Isalnds of Adventure and also doesnt seem to be that big on its own. So my question is, should I vist HP as part of a day at Uni or Islands, or is it worth a day on its own.

Q2 I cannot seem to find opening times on here for HP, so on days when Uni shuts earlier than Islands, when does HP close? Eg, Currently it is estimated that on Wed 30th Oct 2019 UNi will close at 5pm, but islands is open until 8 (Halloween Party) So does HP stay open until 8 same as Islands, or close same time as Uni?

HP is two separate locations. Diagon Alley in USF and Hogsmeade in IOA. They open based on that parks hours. You take the Hogwarts express to go between them.

Thank you. Just out of curiosity, can you actually buy Harry Potter only tickets? My 14 day pass was advertised as “get 3 parks for the price of 2” or was that just a bit of misadvertising (just curious, would have brought the ticket anyway)

I believe the third park is the water park.

No you can’t it isn’t really it’s own park. The 3rd park is volcano bay (a water park). I’ve not been but it is suppose to be a lot of fun.

WWOHP is awesome. I love it. How long you spend there depends on just how into it you are. I think you’d need to be a superfan to devote an entire day to it. It’s more extensive than it looks. And there’s a lot going on.

Thanks everyone for quick and great feedback. Forgot all about the waterpark lol. Thanks again. Think will do at least 3 days to exerience everything and then play it by ear as to if we go back - even with a 3 week holiday, loads to try and fit in :slight_smile: