First time trip report day 5, 3 parks in one day

Today was planned ahead as Animal kingdom. My parents joined us just for this day. Bought their tickets about day 59 or 60 (they originally thought they could decide later to join us, I explained it doesn’t work that way), connected their tickets to our reservation and got them same fast passes as us.

We took the bus over from Boardwalk. Plan was to rope drop Everest and dinosaur before my parents got there, meet at NRJ about 10:30, then use FOP 11:25-12:25. Well, we got there right at 9, and no line at all on Everest. We rode 3 times walking right on. Parents were ahead of schedule so we decided to then meet at dinosaur. Coming from DL, some of us preferred it over Indiana jones, some did not. We got to NRJ right about 10:30 so we were still on the plan. But the wait time quickly jumped from 60 to90 and I got concerned. It was a long wait, but we made it through the queue and over to FOP with maybe 10 minutes to spare. That was 90 minutes we won’t get back. It was a nice enough ride itself but I don’t get the long wait. We’d never wait more than a half hour again for it. My kids wished we’d have spent that same time to do FOP standby instead. (We do have another FP for tomorrow, our last day, though). (Another side note, don’t get the fascination/demand with 7DMT either. It’s a fun ride with a good theme, but BTMRR is so much better)
After FOP, we headed for safari FP. Originally planned to do gorilla falls around then, but we were slightly behind schedule, close to lunch, and no one wanted to do it.
We were a little early for our 2:20 tusker house adr. It was about 1:55 I think and she didn’t want to check us in, but she did. Think we got seated about 2:30, which is actually a good time. I heard them tell some people without ADR it could be an hour wait. It was a bit crowded when we went in, but I think it was the end of the big lunch rush. By the end of our meal an hour later, it was pretty empty and some of the characters circled back to us for extra pics and interaction. We loved the food there. Even picky DS10 and DD14.
After lunch we headed to KRR. I hadn’t checked my email or app, but apparently a few min before we got there, it went down (if you’ve read my other posts, you may recognize a trend here, one FPP ride down per day). Just when we were figuring out what to do, it restarted, thank goodness. But while in line, since we were issued the multipass, I realized I could start looking for 4th FP. Was able to get a test track for 6-7, as I knew we’d be done with AK by then and wanted to do it again. We loved KRR. I’d seen some prefer GRR at DCA, but we all prefer this one. The theming is much better, and felt the ride was comparable.
Then kids wanted to wait for EE even though wait time was 45-60. We did that, it was about 5:30, parents had a 2hr drive, so we called it a day at AK. Ran for an Epcot bus about to leave and headed there. We tapped in to TT and immediately grabbed RnR for 8-9. It had been a long day, and long week, we had no break today like the other days, but it’s our last night so we pushed through. Besides, it was 7, and HS closes at 9. It’s not like we were going hard to midnight LOL.
We headed for the boat at IG to take over to HS. Maybe we should have gone to the front to take a bus? Didn’t think of it at the time. But we have enjoyed the boat rides.
Got to HS just a bit earlier than last night. But it may have been more crowded or just the coaster. Last night we rode 3x from 8:30-9. Tonight, 2x, once fp and once standby. We exited at 8:55 and raced up to TofT before they closed the gate.
We took the boat back to Boardwalk and started packing. We leave tomorrow evening but still have late am FPP at AK (FOP and EE). and will prob finish with a big ride or 2 at EP or HS before catching DME at 3:30.
So, not only did we do 3 parks today, we did 3 in just 4 hours.
I hope to recap the whole trip later, but before I forget, some said as first timers, not to parkhop. So glad we did, a small extra investment, especially staying at an Epcot deluxe (walking/boating) property. A couple days we just did one park, but overall very glad to have it. We all make choices, ours was no fireworks or shows, just as many big rides with less lines as possible. This means 1 or 2 without FP, depending on the wait time and how much we want that ride. but mostly just doing what we can FP. Even if it’s just the first 3 plus a couple more.
I’ll also try to post some more specifics as a west coaster used to going to DL. This was a special trip and we’ll try to come back. But 2019 is already planned for DL.


Howe wet did you all get? It’s funny what a different experience you might have depending on your seat location.

Sounds like a fun day!

My 10yr old got pretty wet. The rest of us got a little damp.

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Wow, absolutely impressed with what you accomplished. I had to go back on the site to see the crowd level (appears to be a 4 overall) to see how you were able to get headliner ride 4th & 5th fast passes. Our upcoming trip shows crowd levels of 7 & 8 so we will never get something like what you did done. Once you plan dinner reservations and fast passes, you are pretty much stuck unless a park has a 5 crowd level or less (in my opinion)
I want to see more stories like yours to give me more confidence to go after 4th & 5th fast passes for headliner attractions (we park hop too , but do rope drop and run around to everything and get it done with minimal lines without fast passes, then take a break/lunch and use the fast passes for the evening park)

You can get 4th and 5th FPP for headliners, we just did it daily for our trip over Easter when crowd levels were 8-10. You just have to be committed to refreshing FPP on the MDE app over and over. We easily got Soarin for a 4th or 5th on a 10 day at Epcot last week. Also for Flight of Passage day of on a 9 day. On Easter Sunday there were plenty of FPP available all day and evening in MK. We rode nothing standby in the evening, most rides were available. At HS we got Rock Coaster as a 4th or 5th. It is not hard, just takes time and patience. You will have a lot better luck though if you move your FPP earlier in the day. We usually book first 3 before lunch (again, there very busy days) so by lunchtime are able to start picking up 4th, 5th, etc.

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I understand it worked for you and appreciate your input. I’m simply not confident that those 4th & 5th fast passes will be readily available for rides like Soarin, Space Mtn, 7 Dwarves, Test Track, FOP, TSM, Rock n Roller- We have been to Disney 5 other times in June and every time the fast passes are long gone for these rides by 11:00 AM…now if Disney is releasing them throughout the day(Hey Touring Plans staff - PLEASE PLEASE try to obtain some hard data on that) and I see more to support that, I may take the chance. Plus, I don’t want part of my vacation constantly refreshing on a phone hoping to see if something will pop up- I would consider those 4th & 5th fast passes to be an added bonus, but nothing you planned on getting for sure, correct? Thanks again for chiming in.

Exactly. All of your must do rides should be planned for with first 3 FPP and rope drop. Anything more is just a bonus.

I really appreciate your response. Our routine is rope drop, eat lunch and head back to resort to relax/pool between 11:00-12:00 - get back to our evening park around 3:00. We reserve our top tier fast passes for 3:30-4:30, 4:30-5:30, and then do a nice sit down dinner and last fast pass 6:30-7:30 and them just enjoy roaming around the park waiting for the evening show/fireworks or getting in a shorter line when the park is closing for top tier ride… The dilemma is if we try to get extra riding in the morning, say fast passes at 10:00 & 11:00, is realistic to get a Tier 1 3rd FP for the evening park? And then possibly a 4th or 5th FP?

We usually take a midday break as well. FPP 9-10-11 or so, then lunch and maybe a ride or two (4th and 5th FPP), then book another for whatever time we will get back to parks. Maybe 4 or 5. We don’t park hop by choice, but I assume your chances are the same no matter what park you go to.

Our fp were mostly 10/11/12 or 11/12/1. At that time, we had little problem getting something big/good for the evenings when we came back.

Thanks for your response. What were the crowd levels on those days? My issue is that I don’t want to go to the evening park without having a FP 100% locked up for one of the most popular thrill rides. One could simply wing it and use the morning/lunch time fast passes and not know where they would park hop to - it would be based off where they could get a great 4th and possibly 5th fast pass at another park, correct? Again this is based on rides only, but if you have a nice dinner reservation somewhere, you are restricted to a specific park and if a park like Epcot is crowded and has 90 min waits at Test Track/Soarin’, that does not make for a great evening. It must be so awesome for those with passes that live close and to not worry about stuff like this.

We had park hoppers so were not restricted by park. We did most of our table service meals for lunch and were more flexible for dinner. Twice, we got back to the room at 9:30 and ordered boardwalk pizza. I have 2 teenagers and a 10yr old. Big rides were the priority. Didn’t do shows or fireworks at all. Didn’t do much standby other than early and late. I believe we were mostly CL4-5. MK was always busier and we didn’t go back some evenings as originally planned, in favor of a fast pass and lighter crowd somewhere else. Even if it was 8 with park closing at 9, we always got at least one top tier 4th or 5th FP. Since we stayed at Boardwalk, it was very easy to do evening stuff at both Epcot and HS. Even dinner at one and rides at the other. If you think of any other questions or scenarios, ask away. I’m no expert other than my fresh firsthand experience.

That is great info for sure. We are staying at Caribbean Beach this time - we got great rates because of construction going on, but don’t spend hardly anytime at the resort unless it is swimming. We are surely going to go after those extra fast passes, but are pretty locked in to our first 3 FPs & dinner reservations each day. I had planned getting Flights of Passage fast passes in the afternoon for our 3rd day of our trip 60 days out, but they were gone for the entire day and we were going to AK rope drop the next day, but I was worried and grabbed them for a late time on that day to guarantee we could ride it, so it changed a couple days of planning. I see all that can be accomplished with examples like yours. There are so many factors based on where you are staying and how you prioritize activities. This will help others reading this and us for our next trip. At least I hope there is a next trip some day. Thank you!

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I just saw the part about using your FP for the evening park. I’d be less confident getting FP for headliners with short notice. We usually finished our first set by 1:30, and that’s when we’d grab something for the evening.