First time touring solo

hi i am looking for advice from anyone who has done a solo trip before and how they found it?

I’ve been solo quite a few times. It definitely has its advantages!! It does take a little getting used to (by way of not having your family around).

It’s easier to get fpps at the last minute.
It’s easier to eat at the lounges with no ADRs
Single rider lines
Even if no single rider lines, sometimes some rides (like Space) will ask for single riders
You can do whatever you please. Wanna just people watch? Ok. Wanna tour without resort breaks? Ok wanna have a resort day? Ok.
Play bus roulette - just get on the next available park bus, no plans.


thanks for the reply :slight_smile: have you ever had issues being on your own getting ADRs? i deffo like the idea of Bus Roulette thats great i will be trying this for sure !

I’ve done a few solo trip (before DD came along - she wouldn’t let me get away with it now) and absolutely loved it! The main thing, like @DarthDopey said, is the freedom to do whatever you like whenever you like. I especially enjoyed being able to go on my favorite rides over and over without DH getting bored. I made quite a few TS reservations and spent time just people watching and enjoying my food. A few times I chose to sit at the bar rather than a table (Flying Fish, Yak & Yeti and Cali Grill all spring to mind) which was a nice way to meet people. I also spent some evenings in Disney Springs, enjoying a quiet glass of wine and some live entertainment.

For me, the whole experience is incredibly relaxing. Maybe when DD is older we’ll do a chilled girls’ trip. Or maybe I’ll be able to sneak off on my own again… :rofl:


i like the idea of not havining to compromise on where to eat and having the choice to try all sorts haha i like the sound of disney springs with a drink relaxing to live entertainment and cant beat abit of people watching as Disneyworld haha

I loved my solo trip!!! I talked to some many different people and never felt alone/lonely.


all the times i have been everybody is always so friendly and talkative its great meeting and talking to new people


Hi there! So nice to see you pop in. Hope all is well. :wave:

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Touring solo is the best thing ever.

You do what you want, when you want, how you want. You answer to no-one. You walk at the speed you want. You go to the bathrooms when you want and no-one gets cross with you because you only just went an hour ago.

You eat where you want and when you want. You ride what you want. As many times as you want. (Well, subject to crowd levels and FPP availability.)

You only have to pay for one ticket to hard ticket events. Dessert parties cost $69/79. Not hundreds of dollars because there are four of you.

You get up when you want in the morning. You go to bed when you want in the evening. You don’t have to wait for other people to get ready. You don’t have to wait for the hotel room bathroom to become free.

You can change your plan at any time. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do so.

For a control freak like me, solo touring is da bomb.

I would only go to WDW with someone else if I was madly in love with them and willing to make the sacrifice to let them put their desires first. (Which, having visited WDW quite a lot recently, I wouldn’t find it too hard to do.) Or if I was with someone super-chilled out who was happy to follow my lead. Without question, obviously.


I just got back from a Solo Trip, and had a great time.

If you’re truly interested, my (very long and rambling) trip report is here on the TouringPlans forum.

All of the things that @DarthDopey had to say, I concur with 100%.


That is a seriously great writeup, BTW. I was traveling last week and didn’t see it until now. Glad you had fun.

I long to go by myself one day, but this next trip might be the last one where the whole family goes- the kids aren’t kids anymore. Some day they won’t be a able to go with good ol’ mom & pop. (I keep saying that though, and so far none of them have ever turned down a trip to Disney)

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