First time queue doesnt seem to take into account i want to ropedrop

Ok. I just re-optimised a Plan i had and the first ride . Avitar has shot up to a 152 min wait as First ride at park open. Now i hope to be there early so near front of queue. So is there anyway to get the plan to show the rest of my stuff with a smaller queue time for first ride.

As i wont queue if its that long but i dont expect it to be that long as i will rope drop it

The plans don’t take into account arriving before RD, so it will always give you the wait time if you were just tapping into the park as it opened. The easiest way to trick it is to start your plan at the time you expect to be off the ride. So for instance, I start my AK plan with a 5 min meal at Satuli (so it knows where I am in the park) at 9.15, because I was intending to be 75 mins early and knew I should be getting on FOP by RD. If you’re not going to be that early, you might need a later start time.

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OHHHH cool. That sounds a decent work around. Thanks

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