First Time Offsite?

My in-laws have graciously offered to treat our family to a small Orlando vacation with them in early February 2020. They already have a 3 bedroom condo rented for the week and want us to join them. They would like to take me, my husband and my almost 2 year old to Disney for a few days while we are there.

I’ve only ever stayed on site at Deluxe resorts (Poly/Beach Club are our favorites!). How will it be different staying offsite? I’m worried it won’t be as special as staying onsite. We will just have to adjust our expectations.

Any suggestions for how to handle naps for our toddler? We took him earlier this year and he did not do well napping in his stroller. I’m worried that taking him back to the offsite condo every day will kill too much time when we already have a short time in the parks.

Most of our trips until this year have been offsite staying in a condo. You can still have a fabulous time! And the space and amenities of the large condo have their advantages especially with a little one. The main disadvantage is the 30 day fastpasses but you will likely still get most of what you want and can rope drop or try to modify for the rest. Or if it really bothers you, you could always take the campsite approach for onsite benefits, bands and parking.

Not sure how far the condo is, but if returning for naps won’t work out I would try stroller napping again. Our kids all did well napping in a stroller that lies flat with a big canopy. We actually rented a baby jogger stroller one trip and loved it so much that we later bought one! Maybe it will go better than last time, you never know. Not sure when you went before but the weather may make a difference. Good luck and have a great trip!!

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If returning to your condo isn’t an option, I would shorten your touring day. If you are morning people, do the early morning routine and come home around dinner. If you enjoy night time at the park, arrive around noon after an easy morning. Or do some combination depending on your plans for each day. You might be able to handle one marathon day per trip with young kids, but will need to recover the next day.

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Yes, I agree on a short day. End by 1 or 2. Does your kid car nap? You could try driving around locally as well.