First Time Multi-Day Magic Kingdom Touring with Kids

We’re headed to Disney World in mid-September! It’ll be the first time we’ve taken our two kids (6 and 3). I’ve downloaded the Lines app and am trying to set up our touring plan. We’re planning on just doing MK for the 4 days we’ll be there so that we have plenty of time for the kids to soak up everything and to leave time for the midday breaks back at the hotel. We want to see and do everything, but I’m having trouble setting up a plan. Should I just put everything into one day and keep hitting Optimize as the day goes on and then make Day 2 with the leftovers, then Day 3, and then Day 4? Should I focus on a couple of lands each day for the first 2 days by creating 2 plans and then use the last two days for leftovers and repeats? We do already have 4 days of FPP reservations, a dining reservation, and Pirates League reservation to work into the plan. Thanks in advance for all of the help!

I think I would start from the two day template TP provides.

4 days and only MK? I’m thinking of not doing Hollywood studios because they have closed half the park rides, removed the hat, and will be blowing soap bubbles (allergen) all day for Frozen theme. But, I can’t agree to intentionally skip both Epcot and Animal. Your kids may enjoy Animal more than Epcot based on age. One of the enjoyable comforts of Disney is the “logic” used to plan return trips to go to experience something for the first ever (that you did not do on previous trips).

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I have to agree. I would at least do one AK day.

Definitely do two days at Magic Kingdom. The third day do repeats of what everyone liked and anything that you have missed. I would try to do something else, like Animal Kingdom, the last day! We are also planning our first trip in February with our kids (6&8). Our plan is to do two days at Magic Kingdom. Check out our plans below, maybe it will help you! …we are still tweaking them. LOL

Great ages for trip! With littles that small, I think I’d make plans with geography in mind…
Day 1 AM: RD Fantasyland then head towards Frontierland/Adevntureland late morning, get 4th FPP before leaving park.
Day 1 PM: Catch the shorter-wait attractions starting in Adventureland and heading towards Fantasyland (Swiss family treehouse, Flying carpets, Pirate Adventure - super fun in the dark, Tom Sawyer Island if not too late, IASW, Carousel, Barnstormer, Tea cups, Mickey’s Philharmagic.)
Day 2 AM: RD Tomorrowland for Buzz and Tomorrowland Speedway before continuing up to Fantasyland to do anything you didn’t do previously.
Day 2 PM: Some day plan to see FoF Parade at 3 pm, then just rerun favourites.
Day 3 AM: If your 6 year old is a kamikaze by this point, then hit the mountains - Space/Splash/Big Thunder in that order in the am. If you’ve included a lot of meet and greets peppered through your plans, then you’ll have lots left to do still.

But seriously, I agree with others: 4 days of Magic Kingdom is a lot, a LOT of Magic Kingdom. I think you’ll be beyond ready for something new by the end of day 3. Your choice of 4th park would depend on your kids. If they like “ride” type things, then Animal Kingdom is good - Kilimanjaro Safari, Kali River Rapids, Expedition Everest (for the 6 year old), Primeval Whirl, Triceratop Spin, and maybe (MAYBE) DINOSAUR, plus incredible shows - Nemo, Lion King, Flights of Wonder are all fantastic. If they like to sit and watch a lot of shows, Hollywood Studios really good, AND it has Toy Story Midway Mania, which everybody loves. Epcot for young kids fun in a science-centre-meets-aquarium kind of way - my nerdy kids (last went at 3&5) really enjoy it.

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If I was going for the first time, I’d do two days at the MK, one day Epcot, one day Animal Kingdom.

For MK, splitting the park like hemispheres of the brain. Left side day one, right side day two. Because of the sheer number of rides, some of the fantasyland rides (even though it is right side) would need to be done on day one to balance the days.

Not being a first timer, my plan would be to do MK for two days, Epcot for one, and use the fourth day to either do a Disney waterpark (Typhoon Lagoon recommended), Harry Potter at Universal, or add a third day at MK. I was not impressed by AK, though when you read the responses above I’m clearly in the minority. I can only say, if you’re coming from a major city with a top notch zoo, give that a real think.

Thank you so much for the advice! I’ve adjusted the plan to include fireworks at Epcot one night when MK closes early for the Halloween party and a little over a half day at Hollywood Studios. Also going to check out Fantasmic at HS the other night that MK closes early. This still leaves us with a full day for overflow attractions or repeats at MK or HS. We may even duck into Epcot if we don’t have anything we want to repeat.
Thanks again for all the help. I really appreciate your thoughts and advice!