First time in 20 years going to WDW

We are staying in a vrbo and renting a car. There are 7 of us. Any tips on driving in and parking? We’re going in January so we are also hoping for hopper tickets. Any advice is welcome.


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Park hopping is not allowed right now, so you have to plan a park a day. And since you are driving, it should be quite easy. Just arrive at the gates about 45-50 minutes before park opening (any earlier and they won’t let you in).

We have traditionally always stayed off property as you are doing, and it is no big deal at all. Although, the parking lots don’t have tram service at the moment, so plan on potentially having extra walking!

While this is true, they do list park hopper tickets for 2021. But I don’t have much hope for January when I will also be going (maybe).

Are they available for purchase, though? I thought I remember someone trying to add them to the cart, and it wouldn’t let them.

No idea, I just saw the option when I bought my non-hoppers.

I haven’t tried to purchase them yet. But they are in my cart. Here’s hoping!

If it were me, I would buy non-hopper tickets, then upgrade to hoppers when you’re there, assuming they add hopping back into the picture. Easier than asking for a refund (if they will even do it).

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Thanks, great idea!

We purchased hoppers for our trip in May. Who knows if we will be able to use them.

make sure you book your park reservations soon, they tend to fill up the closer you get, especially hollywood studios!

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I am able to upgrade my tickets to Hoppers for my March trip. But definitely don’t want to do it yet, as it may be difficult to get a refund if it is not brought back by then.

Good call. I was on the phone with Disney yesterday applying a discount code to my trip in May and the person said at least 3 times she didn’t know if hopper would be around for my trip. I’d purchase basic tickets and upgrade later to avoid the hassle of trying to get a discount.

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We have a Jan 2021 package reservation with Hopper tickets in our plans and MDE.

Congratulations on going back to WDW! I hope you have a wonderful time. There are so many things to do that even though all won’t be available you’ll find plenty of fun I’m sure.