First time HHN

We have tickets for HHN on Sunday 9/24. We do not have park tickets for the day, just that night. I’ve been to both Universal parks before, but never HHN. What time should we get there? I assume we’ll be held in the City Walk area. Should we try to reserve an early dinner in City Walk?
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! There is some really good info at the link for those not in the park when the event starts. But for the best jump on the crowds being in the park can be the difference between hitting all the houses and some houses. Have a blast HHN is great! is another great site for HHN fans.


Ok, another question: We want to do Express Passes for our one night at HHN. Is it a separate pass on Universal’s sight that I’m just not seeing? I see the different Express Pass options, but I feel like those are just for normal daytime touring. I don’t want to buy these, then find out they are not for HHN. Anybody know for sure?

It appears they are working on releasing HHN express pass, RIP tours, and annual pass rates/specials…just got AP email, but cannot actually book RIP yet.

Ah! It updated! I was able to get the Express Passes. Thanks! I thought I was just missing them on the site, but seems they just didn’t have them for sale until this week.

I am jumping in on this thread to come back and make sure I have checked out @brerbeer’s link since I really, really, really need to understand all of this…

RIP tours now book-able.