First Time DLR visit!

Hi there! WDW veteran traveling to DLR in a few weeks with myself, DH, DS12, and DD6. Finding the planning to be so different than WDW that I am feeling a little lost! I’ve read through a lot of the forums and found some great info. Planning on staying at Homewood Suites Conventions center. I have a few questions that maybe someone could answer more specifically than the info I’ve already found??

  1. planning to walk to Toy Story lot to take the tram - this is totally doable right??
  2. I just found info that says the Toy Story lot doesn’t open for magic mornings? True? If so, what’s the best way to get to the park to utilize the early hour?
  3. Planning on 3 park days but can add 4th for only $80 for the four of us. Worth it to also do a shorter park day on arrival day? (Not doing hoppers. At WDW we normally do one day at each park no hoppers)
  4. MaxPass - yes or no? If yes, for all park days or just some?
  5. First time in California for myself and the kiddos - any tips on the time shift? I’d rather just stay on east coast time and enjoy our early mornings up and at ‘em but I don’t know what is best or how much it actually affects folks?
  6. Any must not miss experiences or tips? Please share!

Thanks in advance for any advice! So overwhelmed but over the moon excited about this trip!

I have heard and read this in multiple places and have never seen any claim otherwise, so I think you should be good to go.

Not true. Parking lots open 90 minutes before the earliest park opening. This is noted both on the Disney website (though vaguely, because policy can change without notice), as well as at this source. And on my most recent trip, we parked at TS lot prior to MM.

If $80 won’t break the bank, I like having a short arrival day. From experience, it’s hard to resist going to the parks when you’re there and with nothing else to do! You can always add the extra day later in your trip, up to and including the last day you use your existing tickets.

Absolutely yes! I love the flexibility of MaxPass. You can always try it one day and if you don’t feel like you are getting your money’s worth, don’t add it to the remaining days (you can purchase for all, some, or a single day at a time).

Consider yourselves lucky! As a west coast family, we struggle going to WDW for the opposite reason. I feel like the opposite shift is much easier, but will probably take its toll. Just try to get to bed early on the first night.

World of Color, RSR, Incredicoaster, GotG, SWGE, Pirates of the Caribbean (better than WDW, IMO), Grizzly River Run, and Indiana Jones come to mind. Make sure to book a reservation for Oga’s Cantina and/or Savi’s workshop if you want to build a lightsaber ($200 each plus one guest attends free). You can make a reservation day of at 7am and times may run out quickly.


We have stayed very close to there and walked to the Toy Story lot to catch the tram. Totally doable and you are even closer than we were to the lot. You do have to walk a ways into the lot to the tram pick-up point, but Disney involves a lot of walking so not unexpected. :slight_smile:

Our experience is that the Toy Story trams do not operate early enough to get to Disney in time for Magic Mornings. It’s been a coupe of years since we stayed in that area, however, so Jeff_AZ may have more up to date information. On the day we wanted to use our early admission, we walked to the park. It’s really not that far, but I have teenagers.

We usually do three days, no park hoppers, with two days at DL and one day at DCA. However, if you can do it, I would add the fourth day - why not? If it’s crowded Maxpass will be a huge help. But if you’re counting your pennies, I wouldn’t add it for every day and then you can play it by ear (LOL) and add it at the park for the days you really need or want it.

Have fun and enjoy!

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don’t automatically skip the duplicates…most are better, especially Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, Pirates, and Small World. have fun!

I just got home and stayed at this very hotel. I will report back in the next day or two. I am super tired from all the fun!

Thanks everyone! What great responses! I appreciate the tips and feedback.

We just stayed at Homewood and it was very doable! It appeared to be the closest/easiest hotel in proximity to the Toy Story parking lot. Maybe 5 minutes walking! We thought the hotel was very nice and clean. The breakfast was pretty good. Tip we did on our last morning, toasted a english muffin and placed an omelet they had pre made with bacon and had a breakfast sandwich to eat as we walked to the parking lot.

It would be completely worth it to me!

Aside from the shorter arrival day, I would most likely do it every day, but that is me and I love the convenience it offers. If you are uncertain and you are not adding to your tickets before hand, then buy it for one day and see how you like it and if it is worth for you. If it is, then just add it to the tickets each day.

I would defiantly take full advantage of RD, you will get so much done that way. Then mid afternoon maybe head back to the hotel for swim and rest and get recharged for the late afternoon, evening, and late nights.

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