First time @ Disney World - Bugs Question

Hi, I have never been to FL so question about the little bugs like cockroaches, centipedes. Are they all over even in resort rooms? I will be staying at Caribbean Beach Resort.

I’ve never seen a bug in a room. Or very many even outdoors.

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I did not see very many bugs at all while at disney.

I’ve never seen a centipede in FL - and I’ve lived here for almost 20 years. Palmetto bugs, which do look kind of like giant cockroaches are as endemic to FL as squirrels; they are everywhere. I’ve seen them on the paths at various resorts, but don’t think I’ve ever had one in my room (although I’ve certainly had them in my house). They have a bit of an “ewe - gross” factor, but they are completely harmless and do not indicate uncleanliness (the way that “typical” small cockroaches sometimes do).

When are you going? Last time we were there in September the love bugs were really, really bad. We didn’t use the balcony at our room because they were just everywhere. Very bothersome. I’ve seen the palmetto bugs on the boats, never in the rooms. For someone who is creeped out about just about every type of critter or bug - those palmetto bugs are downright scary. First time I saw one on the boat, I contemplated jumping overboard.

I’m going to be there end of Sept through first week in Oct. I hate bugs and I would jump over board if one land on me. I can’t stand cockroaches or anything resembles it. I can at least manage to kill off centipedes or small spiders…but cockroaches or palmetto bugs will have me run screaming the other way. Would it help if I don’t stay on ground level room? The idea of having bugs in my room would not be a dream disney vacation. :frowning:

Oh good. Something new to worry about!

The lady who owns the house I’m staying in mentioned something about flying cockroaches and the impossibility of getting rid of them. I decided to ignore her.

While we’re coming up with reasons for me to cancel my trip, how bad is the mosquito situation. Mosquitos love me and the bites and itchiness last for days.

You are cracking me up :laughing: you will be fine. Grab some insect repellent. I have never really noticed mosiquito problems at WDW but better to have the extra protection.

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Were just at CBR last week: walking around the paths, didn’t see anything more than the occasional beetle / palmetto bug. Saw more frogs on the path early in the morning.

At the pool there are a great many yellow jackets, on the east side next to the path at least. Whenever we put a drink down they came flying in groups and we ended up covering all of the drinks with a towel.

All of that is normal summertime stuff, so no big deal - The most annoying thing were the many mosquitoes outside our room, though! Had to open and close the door quickly and swat a few each time we came in. We were in a room facing the parking lot and on the 1st floor with lots of foliage around, so not sure if it was just our spot or not.

Aside from the dive bombing mosquitoes, absolutely nothing else inside the room.

Interesting - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mosquito in WDW

Staying on a higher floor will eliminate the slight possibility of snakes, but the palmettos don’t care what floor you’re on.

I know - in the past when I’ve seen people asking about bug bites and repellent I thought, “for what?”

This CBR room’s mosquito population was all day all night. Daughter had several bites on the backs of her leg by the end of the week.

Also had a dragonfly that was apparently in love with the porch light next to the room, but I let him have his privacy. :wink:

What? We’re talking about snakes now?

Trip cancelled.

Snakes are all over Florida, have only seen one on a previous trip near the POR pool. He just slithered on his way into the bushes.

Many, many tiny lizard salamander guys, though. Daughter loved to watch them.

The lizards are called Anole (a-NO-lee). I love them. They eat mosquitoes - and roaches…


Sounds like chances of bugs/snakes found in room are rare. That’s good. I can manage outside by running fast the opposite direction if needed. Disney World seems so much fun but there is a reason why I have postponed doing it for a while.

I’m not sure how reassured I am by the word “rare”!

Mosquitos love me… like I get 15+ bites, everyone else none. No bites while in WDW and we camped

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Hmm. OK. The trip’s back on.

But if I get one bite or see one snake, I’m driving straight to the airport and going home!

Well…maybe now if not the time to mention alligators?!? :smiling_imp: