First time dining report, to be continued

With the caveat that everything is over priced to begin with, and we know that going in, here are some observations that may help other first timers like us.

D-Luxe burger. We all loved it. Worth the price, relatively speaking.

50s prime time cafe. Fun experience, but not close to the dining experience we were expecting. Great milkshakes but food itself, even the fried chicken, was unimpressive, especially at that price point.

Via Napoli. Loved it. Family of 5, split 2 appetizers and the large rectangular pizza. Can’t wait to go back.

Be our guest lunch. Loved the food. Ordered ahead of time, sure felt like a table service more than a quick service, other than getting our own drinks.


Thanks for the report! I have been wondering about some of these places for our next trip. Trying to decide in Epcot between Via Napoli and Coral Reef. We are also a family of five. Good to know you can share pizzas at VN, for some reason I thought that you couldn’t.

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If you are on the DDP, VN doesn’t make sense but if you are paying OOP, it’s one of the best/cheapest options.


Yes, we are not on the dining plan, if that makes a difference.
Tonight, the plan is to grab misc quick service while walking through world showcase on our way to the monorail to go to MK for evening again.

What did you have? I have a reservation for lunch on my upcoming trip.

I had the croque monsieur when we went a few years back. Hubby had the french dip. Kids had the usual grilled cheese/soup and macaroni with sauce. We all loved our meals.

Teenagers and I all had the French dips and devoured them. Wife had the turkey sandwich and i finished that for her as well. :slight_smile:

I had the braised pork on our last visit and thought it was delicious.

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I often see people saying the food at BOG lunch is great, but the menu items don’t excite me and the pictures don’t look that great. I guess it’s better in real life?

I saw the pictures of the braised pork online and it looked much better in person. My whole family enjoyed their meal and it was a favorite for us. The braised pork was even better than it looked. My Husband and son had the turkey sandwich and really enjoyed it.

part 2

Since my first report we finished the week with:

Restaurant Marrakesh. Went for lunch. A few of us had shisk kabobs. Meat was slightly overcooked, but somewhat expected since I’m sure they crank them out. We liked the beef/pastry/sugar appetizer. The bread was good.

Katsura grill. Teriyaki chicken. Just okay. Wouldn’t go back.

Beaches and cream. What a great experience. We had lunch and dessert. We had a great server. A sweet lady from Indonesia. She took a liking to DS10, must have heard us use his name, because she kept checking on him by name

great fries and burgers and of course dessert. We did not get kitchen sink. Too many different things that not all of us would like. We each had our own desserts, which is more $ than kitchen sink anyway.
That was a 2pm reservation. Thought it would hold us for something light for dinner. I was wrong. DS17 still wanted a meal. At Nine Dragons no less. I was able to get a same day ADR. he had his meal and the rest of us had appetizers instead. It was a great experience, wish we had been hungry enough to use it as one of our actual meals…but when you plan them months in advance…we’ll plan for it next time.

Tusker house lunch. Loved it. Great selections even for younger and pickier. Our adr was 2:20. We got there at 2 so had to wait a little longer. It was busy when we started and almost empty an hour later. (They told people without ADR to expect an hour wait). By when we left, it was so empty, characters were circling back for more pics and interactions.

Most of our breakfasts were just grabbing pastries at Boardwalk bakery or the joffreys kiosks in epcot.

We got Boardwalk pizza as room service late a couple nights. It’s not via Napoli but it satisfied hungry teenagers.


I thought Boardwalk pizza was terrible, but my boys (12 and 7) always wanted to order there even when we returned late and had already eaten dinner. I’m hoping their palates will mature as they do. lol.


It was so hard for me to decide between VN and CR also. The aquarium won out because I think my kids will love it and it fits better with our TP. We’ll find out soon enough if I made the right choice!