First-time DDP -- question about visiting family

We've got an 8-night package with DDP, but only 4 parks. Splitting up for the DD's and also spending some time visiting with grandparents who are local. On two of our days, Grandma would like to experience the parks with the girls. We've bought her Florida resident tickets and linked them, and have had no problem making FP+ res.

What's the scoop on dining credits? Can we use QS credits to feed Grandma, or is there something that will force OOP for that? I'm guessing a little more well defined with ADR's, since the CM can see how many are in your party and how many are on the Magic Band....are they usually very strict on this?

We're doing CRT with Grandma, and are fully expecting to pay OOP for her there. I'm just trying to benefit from others' experience here -- if QS is ok, maybe I'll cancel our ADR with her and just rely on QS...

One person can get and 'pay' for all the cs meals with one mb. No way for them to know who's eating it. Adr depends on the cm and how nice they want to be but technically they are for those on reservation only.

You can make an ADR for more people than are on your package, or you can show up with extra people and maybe wait a little longer for you table( depending on the number and the popularity of the restaurant), and you can use dinning credits for anyone. As long as you've got the credits, they don't care who you are "buying" dinner for.

Absolutely - FIL/MIL joined us for two dinners while there (they are also local) we just used our allotment of adult dinners and no one even asked. Enjoy.

On this same topic, is it possible to use the DDP for four of us but pay OOP for a fifth person? (I booked the bounce back which includes free dining and there is a chance that my DM will join us but she won't qualify for the BB offer.)