First time creating a touring plan

OK guys so I’ve been on the forum for a while but this trip will be my first time actual making a TP! I’m sure I’ll post it and ask for feedback once I get my FP selections done (Sept. 29). Just a couple questions I thought of while looking at other posts:

  1. Once I input my FP+ selections I want to do “force optimize”, correct?
  2. I did notice when initially playing around with it that it started my first attraction quite a while after the time I indicated I would be at the park or the “start time” of my TP. Why is this and can I change it? If I’m planning to be at MK at 9 for example, I don’t need to schedule my first attraction for 9:45…

Yes. Clicking this box will make the optimizer accept your times.

It calculates your walk time from tapstiles to attraction. I don’t think you can change it. I wonder if you added a 1-5 minute break ahead of attraction #1 if that would make it better.

Is there a way to force it to calculate earlier? If I’m at tapstile at 9, I don’t need 48 minutes to get to my first attraction lol.

If you’re going to be at MK for RD, make sure to add the Welcome show to your list of things to do. That way, it knows you’re there right when the park opens and it changes your start times. Also, check your walking time to make sure it’s not too slow.


Oh good point, didn’t think of that! Actually this is a late arrival day at MK for us. Day 1 of our trip and we’re doing a half day morning at AK and heading to MK around 3 pm, park closes at 10. It was just increased to a CL 9 (YIKES) which is why I feel I must be armed w/ a TP. It’s the only day of our week that looks like that, everything else is 4-5 or lower. For some reason I always notice MK being more crowded on Mondays but it’s just how it works into our plans. I may play with it tonight and post it to get people’s thoughts. Do you normally have your walking speed as “fast”?

My walking speed is set in the middle. That way, distractions aren’t a problem and there’s a bonus if we are faster. Also, in my case, my mother comes with us and she has a walker. She’s able to walk at a normal speed with it, but sometimes gets ‘stuck’ behind groups of people that we can slip around.

The other setting to check is whether you set it to minimize walking versus wait times or if it is still at the default setting which is in between the two. It will force the plan differently based on that setting as well.

I haven’t heard this before. This is a great tip. Are there similar things you can do for the other parks to indicate you’ll be there for rope drop?

I’ve noticed that the wait time for the first attraction seems high in many of my touring plans, presumably because the optimizer is assuming that I’m entering the park exactly at 9:00.

What is “RD?”

RD = Rope Drop. Being there extra-early, waiting for the park to open, to get on your first ride without a long wait.

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