First Time at WDW - So. Much. To. Learn

Fellow Texan here! Houston humidity prepares you well. We are going this year Feb 3-9! We have done these exact dates two years ago. My family still says weather wise, it was their most fave trip. We had a week of no rain, was not cold, not scorching hot. We dressed in layers.

However, with that being said, my best friend went this exact week last year and it was dreadfully cold and raining. So you just have to watch the weather as you get closer to go.

7DMT is great, but not stand in an hours long ride great. We early entry rope dropped it and it was worth it. But just know that’s where everyone is going, and it’s like herding cattle.

Have you considered renting a stroller from a place like Kingdom Strollers? And on the bus you have to fold it and just place it in front of you!

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I was going to say this too. You’ll get some side eye from people wondering why you’d go on a water ride if you don’t want to get wet, but so what. Maybe a person wants to experience the ride without the risk of being drenched.

I would not wait longer than 30 min at most for 7DMT. At that point it stops being worth it. Rope drop and you should be fine with that one.

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