First time at OKW and I’m afraid of the bus system

Hello—staying at OKW in mid-January and have great rope drop arrival plans (at least I think I do!) for all the parks, except for AK. I’ve read where it may be smarter to ride a bus for rope dropping. However, I’m hesitant to try as I’m not so sure about the busses at OKW. Do the park busses go to all of the bus stops or is there an internal buss that you’d take to get to the HH? And, is it just better to Lyft/Uber to AK these days? Anyone have any advice for this confused OKW first-timer?

Thanks in advance! :nerd_face:

You just need to find the first bus stop and make sure that’s where you are waiting. It is not the main one by the bell station. You go over the bridge and follow the road to the first bus stop you find. You can kind of see it from the bell station. Ask them and they’ll point it out to you. I think that is important, though. Cuz the main stop at the front is the LAST stop except for buses to DS. We were all waiting there one morning until the bellman told us where to go. :joy:

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