First Time at Disney. Is this Day Plan INSANE?

Copy of First Day with Fastpass.pdf (1.2 MB)

I would do under the sea and ariel before its a small world. So seven dwarf, under the sea, ariel, small world, the haunted mansion. Just makes more sense with the walking and what is close to what.

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Remember that your FPP blocks out a whole hour and they can’t overlap. You will want to make BTMRR for 3:45, for instance, if you want 4:45 for Splash Mountain. Then you can use the FPP any time during that hour.

Ok. I will move them around. Thanks!

I’m not sure what you mean. I have to show up to the ride within that hour period, right?
Do you mean the plan won’t allow me to overlap them or when I try to book the FPP it won’t let me?

When you book the FPP it won’t allow you to do so if there’s another FP reserved within the hour. You can still ride the rides any time within that hour time frame, so if you want to ride SpM at 4:30, book your pass for 3:45. Then book BTMR at 4:45 and you’re good to walk off of one and go right to the other.

Ok. So DISNEY won’t allow me to overlap. Gotcha!! Good to know. I’m trying to plan my times as far in advance as possible so when that 60 day mark hits, I can start requesting. I’m really hoping I get it right, Haha.

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I hear ya! My dining window opens soon, so I’m in the midst of trying figure all that hot mess out (which parks/days to book meals). Then comes the FPP- I’m glad they’re not immediately after one another or at the same time! I’ll need that 120 days to sort out rides after my teenager and I finish sorting out dining!

I never realized how much work goes into this to make it as close to perfect as possible. I’m glad I’m a planner or we’d be in trouble. However, I’m sure it will all change by the time we get there and the crowd level varies…then my OCD is going to kick in and I’m going to freak out that we’re not on our “plan”… :confused:

I am going to be fighting that urge as well. I’ve got spreadsheets, menus, vague ideas, and skeleton plans now. Complete with color coding. My daughter is trying to convince me to stop planning for a minute.

Is this a first time visit or have you been before?

We’ve been before, but the first time staying on property in a LONG time. (Last on property stay was 13 years ago. YIKES!) We’ll be there for six nights. Last trip was this past February, for only 4 nights. I’m trying to balance out accomplishing EVERYTHING we want to accomplish AND taking a decent break during the day every day. I know it can be done, I just need to be patient! How about for you?

This is my first time there. That’s why I have four million questions. I want to see as much as I can, but it IS June and I don’t want to give everyone in our group heat stroke.

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I understand. We’re going in August, I have the same fear about heat stroke!

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Looks good. Only thought I have is on the break. You leave 3 hours however you have to account for at least 1/2 hour each way for travel time if you are staying on a disney resort. That leaves you with a two hour break…however I find that is sometimes not worth the effort. The walk from Splash mountain to the buses is 1 mile and depending on where your room is at the resort you may have up to another 1/4 mile walk. So all together you have 2+ miles of walking, waiting for two buses and then two bus rides that may or may not hit traffic. I find this rather exhausting to get just a two hour break. We found making a dinner reservation (not a buffet style) and really taking your time at dinner and stretching out the meal, order drinks, then an app, then your main course… You can take easily make that a two hour meal. We do this at the Skipper canteen…it is very quiet, and they now serve drinks to boot (if that is your thing). Pair that with two show type attractions and you are off your feet for 2-3 hours without the work of trudging out of the park.


See, I honestly don’t WANT to take breaks back at the resort. But I am reading so many people’s comments that it almost makes me feel like it’s the only option. I know sweating all day is not pleasant and everyone will definitely want to cool off, but I agree that it’s almost not worth it considering it’s only a 2 hour break. — I just don’t want to waste time there “relaxing” and missing the whole part of Disney.

We never take midday breaks even when the kids were small. We either do what @ddppmm does and stretch out the meal or we take a break in the park. You can always find a quiet/shady spot somewhere, grab some drinks, snacks and watch the world go by/people watch. And if it’s hot see some of the shows where there is AC.

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We also freshen up in the restrooms, with deodorant, wipes and fresh t-shirts if need be. We have been there in August and still haven’t left the parks even though it was steaming :wink:

We never go back to the resort for breaks. We tried it once and the kids barely rested so it was basically a waste of time. Now we do what @ddppmm suggests and stretch out dinners and we also will find a nice spot to have a snack and take a break in the afternoon.


I agree with @AllmadhereUK. You can find places inside the park to relax. One of my favorite things to do in MK for relaxing time is to just ride the train a few times. I know I read somewhere about it possibly being refurbished, but if its open at that time, then that’s an idea. You’ll already be at Splash Mountain right before your rest period. If the train is open, jump on it at Frontierland and just ride it around the park a couple of times.