First time advice

We have a 14 day ticket thing but want to make best use
Ive spent a fair time pre planning

With fast pass in chart. Note it also says in column 4 our rough plan

Park Hoppers allow you to go to more than one park in a day.

Yeah, our 14 day ticket is any amount of parks any time in the 14 days from the first day. but were only there for just over a week

Thank you for this. Cosmic Ray’s was our go to but unless the menu is modified we’ll be back at Pecos Bill’s.

One of our favorite counter service choices is the vegetable platter at the Tangierine Cafe in Morocco in Epcot. It’s a good choice for a snack, splitting among 3 or 4. Hope it stays on the menu.

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Happy to share a list of my quick service favorites - any dietary requirements or particular aversions/interests in your party?

Will you be looking for quick service dinners too or are you planning to do more of a sit down dinner?

My same mindset for our next trip! Rope Drop, 5pm supper, back to off site resort to relax.

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Quick service in park for lunch but probably eat off site for most dinners

Well for what it’s worth, below are my favorite spots to eat for each park.

EP: Sunshine Seasons and then snack around the world. Favorites include La Cantina San Angel (Mexico), Kringla Bakeri (Norway), Les Halles (France), and Sommerfest (Germany)
DHS: the Hollywood Brown Derby has a lounge with great food. I haven’t tried first hand but am really looking forward to Docking Bay as it is getting great reviews on the food blogs and podcasts I listen to.
AK: I love Satu’li Canteen. The bowls are delicious. I typically don’t eat meat but Harambe Market and Flame Tree BBQ get great reviews from those that do. Nomad Lounge is also spectacular and a very relaxing location.
MK: Columbia Harbor House and Be Our Guest are always my picks here for quick service.

MK, EP and DHS are perfectly located for a trip out of the park for a meal/break before heading back to the park for fireworks and evening spectaculars. My personal favorite is Geyser Point at Wilderness Lodge - a very pretty boat ride from MK to a beautiful location with great food. It is technically quick service but feels like table service. Poly has a good quick service and nice sit down options too. I am looking forward to trying the Wave at the Contemporary as a sit down meal. It has been getting rave reviews since a new executive chef took over about a year ago.

When we stayed off property on the last trip, nearby restaurants at the resort were a great way to take a break without trekking all the way back to our AirBnB.