First Summer Trip Pre Planning Help

Hi everyone, i just booked a mother daughter trip for me and my 15 year old daughter. We have been to WDW when she was 3 and 10 and stayed in value hotels and had great times (stayed the week before Christmas and in Feb) and we did a quick stop last year for a Christmas party but now due to school and sport commitments we are staying in the middle of summer and I am panicking a little. Things have really changed with the FPP system and the new lands. We are staying 7/5-7/9 at Boardwalk Inn in a garden view standard with DDP. We will not have a car and will be relying on park transportation. I have purused the site and came up wtih the following plan - please let me know if you have any comments/suggestions/ect as booking for resis is coming up.

7/5 morning arrival - WDW 6, MK 5 -explore the hotel and then head to MK for 3pm parade lunch/dinner at liberty tree tavern

7/6 - WDW 8, AK 8, EP 5 early morning hours at AK w/early lunch at Satu’li, return to hotel, cape may dinner and then evening at EP for world showcase

7/7 - WDW 7, HS 7 - Morning at HS. dinner at artist point, return in evening to HS (not sure about this one, as we are not star wars fans so up in air about planning here)

7/8 - WDW 7, EP 4, waterpark in the morning, evening at EP dinner at chef de france

7/9 evening departure WDW 6, MK 6 - morning at MK, lunch at be our guest…depart from boardwalk to airport at 4pm

IMHO - nothing you are trying to do seems unreasonable or a hard to obtain ADR. You should be fine! Have fun & if you have any more questions, please, ask! :wink:

Looks good. Two things. You’re unlikely to get a Flight of passage fast pass on day 2 of your trip. Just be prepared to get there early. I personally wouldn’t want to rely on Disney transportation to go to artist point, you’ll need 2 methods and it will be HOT. So I’d plan on other transportation to get there or choose something closer to where you already are in order to have a more pleasant experience.

We will be doing early morning hours in order to get FOP and Pandora done in the am when it isn’t as hot and then just stay as late as we want until we are ready to head back to boardwalk.

For our artist point day - we can walk to HS from hotel and I thought artist point was a boat ride from boardwalk inn. If not then I will need to rethink that one

Artist Point is a boat ride away from MK, not from HS. They are two different waterways, and not close together. You can take a bus from HS to Wilderness Lodge though, that is where Artist Point is.

When I had to get to Artist Point I took a Minnie Van. It was pricey but fun. Other rideshares were coming up at less $ though, but we wanted to Minnie Van experience. Still had to wait awhile for it to arrive but then only a short drive (from AOA where I was).

You are correct in that you can access AP via boat although you have your waterways mixed up a bit as others have mentioned. You could take the bus from HS to WL and then back to HS. We took a bus to AP from AK last February and it was fine. We were at the Poly and took the boat to MK and then the boat to Poly to get back.

If you’re going to want to go back to BW before dinner I’d take a Lyft or MV to get there to avoid having to take multiple transportation vehicles.

I think your plan sounds solid! We went in July this past summer - also our first summer trip - and we had a blast. Mid-day breaks saved us from a lot of the brutal, brutal heat and rain showers helped cool down the parks quite a bit a few nights.

so we would be okay with Tour HS at rope drop, walk back to Boardwalk Inn to relax and change, lyft or minnie van to Artist point for dinner, and then return to HS via bus for evening touring after dinner, then walk to boardwalk inn for the night

Lyft is inexpensive and fast. In December, we waited between 1-5 minutes for a driver from the resort. And it took between 10-15 minutes to get to wherever we were going. It cost between $8-$15 depending on demand and time of day.

But we took the bus from HS to WL and got there in 30 minutes from the time we boarded the bus. We made it in plenty of time for our ADR.

Yes, except skip the walking back and forth to/from BWI and HS. Take the boat, it will save your feet and is very relaxing.