First Stay at Poly

This will be our first trip to Poly. We are doing online check in and expect to get a text about our room so we don’t have to stop by the front desk. However, is there an unloading area that we can first unload our luggage before parking? I can’t figure out where this would be. Also, does anyone know if they offer bell service? I’m thinking it may be easier to just drop our stuff off and have the bellman take it to our room so we can park and then head straight to Epcot for out first night at Disney. Has anyone done this before?

Interested in this answer as well!

At the front of the Poly there is a drive way area that bell services will meet you and get a cart. If your room is ready they will bring your luggage with you or you can check your luggage and call when your room is ready. The last two times I have stayed at Poly (April and September) I did not get a text. The check in line took me over 45 minutes. A CM was telling people in September that they like to talk to sir first time guests. It seems as if they overrode all online check ins since it was my 4th stay in the last couple of years?

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With @PrincipalTinker comment about required check-in this may be redundant, but one reason to stop at the front desk on arrival is to make sure everything is properly linked. You cannot assume that your credit card has been linked to your resort account just because you completed on-line registration. We found this out the hard way on our trip when we tried to use magic bands to buy food in MK our first afternoon.


I’m not opposed to stopping by the Front Desk but holy cow, 45 minutes to check in? That’s rediculous. Was there a specific reason that it took that long? Also, I know they have a separate check in area for people that have used online check-in. Does that speed things up any?

In the beginning of September they did not have a separate line for those that did online check in. They also did not have a separate line for DVC checkin. Honestly, it was the worst check in experience I have ever had. It had a lot to do with my own personal baggage (I am extremely sensitive to people treating me like I do not belong). The CMs addressed and apologized to the people in front and behind me in line. I hope they have this fixed.

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