First Saturday in October trip report!

So, here’s an idea of how today was in the park…

Wall to wall people… easily as crowded as when we went on Spring Break one year. They were making full use of virtual queues, however.

We arrived around 7:30am for early admission at IoA. They v began letting people in at 7:45. The number of people there was pretty low… we stopped at Starbucks on our way in and still walked all the way to the final room before we had to wait at all. I was actually worried I wouldn’t finish my coffee in time. We immediately got in line for a second go and the line was just inside the entrance. Our total time for that ride was 40 minutes, including about 7 minutes down time.

The virtual queues opened up before we went into the building, and between 3 of us we got 2 times for each house, plus 2 Mummy times. After we got off Hagrid we walked on to Hogwarts Express at about 9:15. We went over and did both houses, and RRR before 10:25.

By then the crowd had really built up. The number of people in the parks may be far below capacity, but when you’re not having people actually waiting on the queues for a bunch of attractions then they wind up just being… around. It was almost impossible to stay 6 feet away from people outside of the queues.

We rode the Mummy twice, and had one of the Halloween food truck treats (the fried chicken & funnel brains… the funnel was a perfect portion for one and it tasted good, but the chicken tenders were overcooked and stringy), and then waited an hour to get into the Leaky Cauldron. I tried the Otto’s Fizzy Orange Juice and loved it. They serve it with a cinnamon-sugar rim that adds a really nice flavor but drips down the sides of the cup, making a sticky mess.

We had a 1:20 virtual time for Tooth Fairy and the wait was still a solid hour we and missed our second Bride time (by like 40 minutes). The CM was going to let us in anyway, but we were kinda done with the crowd by then and we’d scored an evening virtual time for Hagrid, so we decided to head back to the hotel for a bit.

After dinner at the hotel we headed back to IoA and just barely made it in time for our Hagrid sundown ride (definitely recommended!). It has started to rain and was getting a bit chilly, so we were like salmon swimming upstream going against the exiting masses. It really was a different ride at that time of evening. I think our total wait was less than 15 minutes.

With the continuing rain and still 50+ minute lines for Forbidden Journey, Kong, Spider-Man, and Hulk we decided to just head out and stop for VooDoo donuts in the way. We mobile ordered, and had our treats in about 7 minutes.

We’re getting up for early entry again tomorrow, and thinking that maybe we get the latest virtual times possible (in the first wave they seemed to only go up to about 4pm) while we’re in line for Hagrid again, then ride Hulk and have a mid-day at the pool before going to UoR and doing RRR once or twice and trying for the Bourne thing.


How many virtual times can you get at once? Is there a trick to getting both houses at once?

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Each person can get 3 different ones, and you just choose the number in your party and it’s not tied to admission, so if you have 3 people then you could possibly have 9 times, and you can overlap between people.

They have not opened them yet (Sunday at 9:07am), but it’s been raining lightly all morning so crowds are definitely smaller today.

It seems like they drop them slowly all day and also CMs said they do bigger drops at 2 and 4 so keep checking after you’ve used one.


Also, after the first drop it became very difficult to get more than one, but it was so effing busy, so that probably impacted it quite a bit.

Thank you for this.

We decided to go back for a third trip on the annual pass in January or February. So, I’m watching what they are doing while the crowds are increasing.

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Otto’s is my 2nd favorite WWOHP drink! It’s so good, but yeah… it’s a sticky situation. The last time I went I popped over to The Hopping Pot right as they opened and asked for one. The TM gave me that look of… really??? I got make one of those first thing?? (but she never said it & smiled. I made sure to pass her a tip - :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

My #1 drink is Pumpkin Juice. I’m probably one of the few ppl that doesn’t like Butterbeer. I’ve tried BB in almost iteration, except hot, (I’m never there when it’s in season ) and just don’t care for it!


You see, you’ve embarrassed yourself there. Butterbeer (frozen) is the greatest drink ever invented ever. By anyone. At any point in history. Ever. Anywhere in the world.

Not liking Butterbeer isn’t a thing.


I like it for the first 4-5 drinks. It gets to be too much sweetness after that.

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I love hot butterbeer, cold is too sweet for me. I’ve never tried frozen though so that one is still up in the air. Next trip for sure! I almost always get the tongue-tying lemonade drink when I’m there as well. It’s a kind of sweet/tart/vanilla lemony flavor that is very refreshing to me.

You’re kind of a lightweight, but then you are a lady, so I suppose that makes sense.

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To me, frozen is the best version. Very refreshing, and not as sweet tasting.

I don’t rank any of them as amazing, but it still the must-do snack at WWOHP. As iconic as having Mickey Bars at Disney, even though Mickey Bars are nothing special either!


For me it’s the carbonation. (This coming from a guy who is addicted to sodas too!)

The ice cream & fudge are “ok”, but still not my favs. I’ve been told if I ever can try hot BB that it isn’t carbonated and I might like it better.

Hot is kind of like a caramel/butterscotch hot chocolate without the chocolate. Also sweet but in a different way.


That is why you take people with you to share it. I’ve never had a whole one.

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I find the butterbeer ice cream to be very bland. I’ve never had the fudge.

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It was a horrible disappointment. So bland. Looks pretty, and that is about it. I would never buy it again.