First pair o' Ears as DVC Members


With this next trip, I think I’m finally gonna get some Ears. I’ve put it off because it’s a souvenir that can’t really be enjoyed anywhere except at Disney. But now that I’m DVC (which ensures many more trips), seems like a good time to finally get some.

But which to get? Which ones are your favorite? (Minnie and princess ones need not be listed :rofl:)


I really like, in this order:

  • The Hatbox Ghost (I am a HM fanatic)
  • Slinky dog headband
  • The Wall-E hat
  • The “Celebration of the Mouse” baseball cap
  • The super dorky DVC ear hat with the binoculars… love it!
  • the Chewy ears if you’re into SW


I happened to just spot that one. It seems a little heavy? Is it?

Instead of the Chewie ones, not this: Star Wars Light-Up Mouse Ears Headband ? Interesting choice.


I have seen that one in person. It is REALLY heavy, I don’t really understand how it stays on. I feel like it should be a hat.

I am not sure if the DVC one is heavy as I have never seen it in person, but I imagine the binocular are made out of ears material, which is very light.


You know they have DVC exclusive ones right???


Wait, there’s more than one version?


No I see now that you know about the one with binocs