First night?

We should be flying in to orlando by 1130am staying at POP. It’s just me and my dd5 for this trip. Wondering what we should do our first night. We don’t have park tix for this day. then we have Epcot and 2 days at MK then home. Planning on a cape may dinner. wondering if i should do this our first night or work it into our epcot day since it’s so close. i’m not sure if she’ll need a break. she’s in kindergarten and doesn’t nap but i’m not planning on bringing a stroller so it might be a lot. not necessarily planning to go back to hotel but fp times allow for it if necessary.

Our two sit down dinners would be cape may and 1900 park fare for this trip. so maybe one of those for the first night? or maybe just hang out at the resort and have dinner and swim. this will be jan 30th so not sure on the weather and we are flying in from NY so hoping for great weather aka no major snow storms!!

POP is fun to look around, and it’s a short walk across the bridge to AoA which I think she would reall enjoy. Add some pool time (depending on weather) and I think there would be plenty to do. DTD might also be an option, but only if you take the bus.

How will you get to the Beach Club for your dinner? I think that matters when you try to make your plans. Getting to 1900 park faire is easier - Bus to Mk then the resort boat to the GF.

I don’t know how 5 year olds respond to seeing a really cool place to go and then not getting to go there, so taking the bus to MK and not going in may be hard depending on the kid. My son loves POP so we spend a lot of time there playing games int he arcade and the pool games and we also walk over to AOA and play ping pong by the pool because the gate is almost always left open.

i was planning on taking a cab to cape may if we went on a day that wasn’t epcot. she requested cape may since she loves seafood.

i do want to be able to hang out at the resort to get rested up for the fun so that may be a good idea too.

If you at Beach Club what about spending some time on the Boardwalk? You could also walk to mini golf.