First Mommy and me trip - girls only!

My DD8 and I just got back from a fantastic girls only 5 day, 4 night trip to WDW! It was so HOT!! Like sweaty wet mess hot. I didn’t wear makeup for 5 days and it was great, LOL!

Day One - Sept 26
We arrived at MCO from my DD’s first ever plane ride around 9:20! I am a nervous flyer but she LOVED it. She choose a window seat (of course), I sat in the middle and we had a nice young lady on the aisle seat. She had her class ring on from my alma matter so we started chatting, she’s an odd just like me, and we chatted all about her being in the college program at Disney. She is loving it! It was nice having something to chat about to distract me since I hadn’t flown in several years. I had taken some Ativan to help and it did thankfully.
We quickly went to the restroom, navigated MCO and down the long hallway to Magical Express which we walked right on and were hitting the road to Pop within 5 minutes.
We arrived at POP around 10:40, may have been a few minutes earlier. I waited in the check in line because I hadn’t received my room ready text and was able to get a very similar room that I had requested, just on the other hallway of building 5. The room had just been cleaned so the CM was able to get us our room number and our birthday buttons and we hit the road to the room. 5434 - almost at the end of the hall but not quite, we had virtually zero foot traffic because who really wants to walk up 4 flights of steps every time they go to their room. We had a standard room with a lake view. Very nice & quiet, but cold!
Pausing for now…be back shortly!


That sounds so fun!!! I’d love to take each of my kids on a little solo trip! Can’t wait to hear the rest!

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So where was I…yes at POP! So my DD loved POP! This was our first time staying on property in a small hotel room. :slight_smile: We typically stay offsite in a timeshare condo that my mother trades for us. So it was different but perfectly fine for the 2 of us. Our family of 4 would be a no go most likely. The bathrooms are nice and have lots of cubbies, the closet hanging area was perfect size. The shower is AMAZING! We were unable to decline housekeeping due to our room being booked through MVT but my DD thought it was fun to come back to our room and have the bed made. I purchased the dining plan this trip since we were going to do so many character meals so we activated our mugs and walked around briefly. We then set off for Epcot! Catching a bus was a first for us since we usually drive. Whoa POP you need to put some shade over the bus waiting area. OMG it was hot!

Epcot: We arrived around 11:30ish and made the long trek from the bus drop off through security, then through the tapstiles without any issues. Again, didn’t think about how far away the bus drop off would be. Yikes.

We then headed straight for the Land Pavilion after stopping at a Photopass stop in front of the ball. Holy construction walls!! I mean, seriously could there be anymore? Once in the Land we headed for our LWTL fast pass. My DD loved it and we saw some people doing the behind the seeds tour and she asked if we could do it. I was surprised, told her next time. :slight_smile:
We then proceeded to Nemo, line short and AC blasting. :slight_smile:
Then off to our Spaceship earth FP which DD kept confusion with SM and saying she didn’t want to ride. We then headed over to Norway for our lunch at Akershus! We only waited a few minutes after checking in and were seated after our pic with Belle.
Appetizer bar was good, was suprised the lettuce choice was liked bag lettuce but any who…the brown cheese was delish! This was my first experience at any table service and/or character meal.
I ordered the meatballs, yummy!!! But so much food, oh my goodness! DD ordered mac and cheese…she’s real adventerous. We ate and met Princesses. She refused to do the parade. She’s pretty shy so it didn’t surprise me.
I got the bill and it was $99 for an adult and a child meal without alcohol so I was so glad I got the dining plan!

We then headed over to TT for our 3rd FPP. Took the shortcut by the Odyssey building and shaved off some time in the sun.


After we tapped in at TT I was ready to get my next FP. Scored a Soarin immediately. Can’t remember if I had to modify, maybe once to get a time closer.
My motion sickness really started bothering me on TT. I am prone to motion sickness but the only other ride that has bothered me ever at WDW was Space Mountain and Dinosaur. Both of which I knew we weren’t riding but TT almost put me over the edge. DD8 was bummed her car didn’t win but she did get a high score for something in the first part, don’t remember which.

We then treked back across the park to Soarin - my absolute favorite! I am the one with the silly grin and the girls that claps when it’s over. I LOVE it! I even love Soarin over the World. On the way over DD spotted the playground because I decided to walk through MouseGears to get some AC. We didn’t stop because the sun was still blazing hot.
When we got to Soarin, we politely asked for B and were lucky enough for them to send us to row 1. I told my DD we could do B2 since she doesn’t like the height but she marched on to B1. She does not like the fireworks at the end, they are really loud, but likes the other parts.

We then walked over to Figment. DD was not thrilled, I think she was tired and hot at that point. But I convinced her to go. The sweet CM working the check in let us go through the FP line because it was our birthdays. Sweet, sweet CM…there was nobody in line, but you tried and we appreciated the gesture. LOL
She was grinning the entire time and loved it. We looked at a couple of things in the imagination pavilion and then bought some cotton candy, because why not, we were on vacay, had snack credits to burn and my girl loves cotton candy. I mean we just didn’t get finished eating a huge lunch.

Speaking of lunch I forgot to mention that we were pleasantly surprised with a birthday card and a cupcake for each of us!

Back to the rides and touring plan…
We then went over to the short films, again, DD wasn’t thrilled but I told her it would be cool in there. It was and the films were cute.
We then walked slowly over to the Land for our Candy Sushi Making lesson at 5:30pm. We were there somewhat early so we popped into Sunshine Seasons to see our new friend from the airplane and there she was working behind one of the stations.
Candy sushi was so much fun! We made two rolls. The Dynamite Twix and the Candy Forya Roll. We donned our chef hats and learned how to make candy sushi. About 45 minutes later we were done, and we got to eat our extra candy. :slight_smile: Again can’t have too much sugar on vacay.

We then decided to go back to the playground. How could I say no! On the way over I got a wild hair and asked DD if she wanted to take the monorail over to MK and ride a ride. She said sure and I want to ride 7DMT. To which I looked at her like child seriously there are not 7DMT’s FPP at this time of night. And there weren’t, but there were Jungle Cruise ones and I haven’t riden at night so i snagged it.
By the time we go to the playground the sun had gone down and it wasn’t too hot so she played for about 10 minutes.

Then at some point she decided she wanted something from MouseGears with her money and she noticed the pins. They didn’t have much of a selection so we went to the PIN trading store on the way back to the front and she got a lanyard and some pins. She immediately put it on and set out to trade.

As we were walking up to the front entrance the monorail went by. But I had to use the restroom so we did and started walking to the monorail. It was still there when we got to the bottom so I said run up the ramp. Bad decision, I was a hot sticky mess at the top and couldn’t breathe. LOL And the monorail pulled off as we got to the top. I asked the CM when the next one comes and he says oh in about 7 min and I could only think what the h$ll was I running for! So we waited and boarded the next one. We made our way to the MK and had to stop twice. all I could think about was last week when it stopped and people were stuck for hours. Worst nightmare! But we made it and we walked right into a VERY crowded MK! I was wondering if I had made the right decision. We finally made it over to Jungle Cruise. The FPP line was out past the scanners and once we got in they had to open up more of the FPP queue. It was crazy, I think the standby line was shorter but we got on and it was fine. Skipper was ok but fine. No new jokes. We then picked up a FP for magic carpets and rode it At this point DD wanted to start riding things by herself but I told her we were together and I was riding with her. I literally sat in the back and didn’t look down. HA! I hate those rides!

We then headed back out of the park through the crown for HEA. This was probably around 8 or 8:30. We walked through the Emporium in the AC and then made our way down the long, long path for POP. Good gracious how far was the bus. We saw the bus down at the station so again started running. Dear lord I should have worked out more before the trip. We get to the bus stop and the drivers says if I am standing outside the bus then I haven’t left yet. We got on a packed bus back to POP.

We got back and went straight to bed.

Friday Sept 27 - Magic Kingdom day!
Be back in a minute!


Forgot to add that on our way out of MK, DD says, we forgot to eat dinner. Yep we sure did! Not even hungry. I started to worry that we would not use all our dining credits. I forgot to say also that we got back to our room and our luggage was not there! We arrived at 9:30am and it was almost 9:30 pm with no bags in sight. Turns out it was on a luggage rack to be delivered but hadn’t made it to our room yet. So we waited and thankfully it came in the next 10 minutes.

Friday Sept 27 - Magic Kingdom day!
I woke up around 5am, got ready and woke DD up around 6:00 maybe. I don’t remember it was so early. I was up at 4 the morning before so you know, I was tired.
We ate breakfast in our room. I had packed some small bags of cereal and a few snack packs in our carry on. We stopped by the cafe and filled our water bottles and were in the bus line for MK. Again no idea what time but there were plenty of other people on the bus with us. We arrived at MK and got through bag check and the tapstiles quickly. We were in position to get in the park at 6:40. Right at 6:45 we were walking under the train tracks towards 7DMT. We initially weren’t going to ride that first but DD decided we should, so we scanned bands again for EMH and lined up to the right of the castle.Right at 7, they dropped the rope and walked us back to 7DMT. We were on and off by 7:14. We sat in the last row and it was way faster than any other seat. Again the motion sickness…but I was fine. We then walked out and decided to walk to PP to see how the wait was. We may have passed 20 people in Fantasyland, it was so empty! I have never seen it like that, it was glorious! We walked right on PP through the regular queue. Then we went over to WTP, and waited a minute maybe. Next up Speedway. The wait still said 5 minutes it was more like 10 but it wasn’t 90 degrees outside yet so we waited. DD’s first time. It was fine, we don’t need to do it again. :slight_smile:
Then we walked right on Buzz, literally walked right on, nobody in front of us and basically not many people in tomorrow land either. We love Buzz! She wanted to ride Dumbo and go as high as she can. :frowning: So we went to Dumbo and waited for one cycle and then she got in a separate Dumbo and I got in the one behind it.I didn’t go up at all and she went straight up and stayed up. I completely forgot about the part at the end. LOL
Then we headed for Tea Cups and DD wanted to ride by herself, CM said fine and I said fine. Less chance of throwing up.
Next up our 7DMT FPP! This time we rode on the very front row. It’s really too slow up there, HA!
Then we headed over to the Carousel and just missed the current ride so we waited for the next.
Next we visited the Tinkle Tower! We missed it last year so we went in an checked it out Rested for a bit and had a snack on a bench outside. DD then wanted to ride UTS so we headed back that way and rode then went to ETWB. DD got picked to be the Wardrobe but she decided not to do it and traded her prop for a little girl dressed up like Belle. She was so cute! We got our pictures and were out of there. IASW up next. DH didn’t want to ride last year so we skipped so DD and i joked that we were going to ride it multiple times, we rode it once. :slight_smile:
Then we had a FPP for PP so we headed over but the FPP line was a little out of control and while we waited I was able to snag a FP for BTMRR right away. we hadn’t planned on anything other than Fantasyland and Tomorrowland so this was a bonus ride. AFter tapping in we picked up a Jungle Cruise FP

Next up - dole whip! Another first for us and DD was asking for one. It was a refreshing treat but she didn’t really like it, so we ended throwing half in the trash on our way to Jungle Cruise. FP line was much quicker this time. Skipper had some new jokes, which of course I can’t remember now.

We then headed back over to Liberty Square so I could go to the Christmas shop. The Muppets were out so we watched the rest of it and then headed into the Christmas shop to get a new ornament.

We had a Chef Mickey’s reservation at 12:55 so we headed towards the entrance with a stop in the Emporium to buy more pins.
We boarded a very full monorail to the Contemporary. It was full because the express monorail wasn’t open yet. :-/
We checked in early and waited in the lounge. Then it was time for Chef Mickeys, DD was so excited to have Mickey Waffles! The food was good, and the characters were great. Again we got a card and cupcakes for our birthday celebration.
We then started the long walk back to MK to catch the bus back to POP. Again didn’t think that through very well. Should have just called a minnie van.

At POP we rested at the computer pool because DD wanted to check that one out. She meet some girls her age and played while I relaxed on a lounger.
We left about 5:30 and stopped briefly at the playground. Went back to the room. At some point in the afternoon I grabbed a TSMM FPP and decided we would go over to HS, so we went to the food court and ate. I had the salmon and she had Pizza.
We caught the bus to HS and waited in a longer than normal bag check line. Then some photopass pics and some pin trading, then headed to TSL. She loved TSMM and wanted to ride again but the line was long and too late for more FP. She really wanted to ride SDD but that wasn’t happening. We walked around SWGE for a few minutes, DD wasn’t really impressed so we headed back towards the entrance. On the way we stopped where they have the Incredibles dance party and the poor CM had hulu hoops out because the party ended hours before. But my girl is an expert hula hooper so she picked the hulu hoop up and went to town.
We then found someone to pin trade and DD was very excited to trade again.Walked to long way back to the bus stop. As we get there the POP bus was pulling away so we walked onto the AofA bus and decided to walk across the lake.
Stopped in the playground by the main pool and then asked a CM working at the skyliner station what the hours were going to be on Sunday. Found out it was opening at 5:45am. Humm, we were going to HS on Sunday first thing in the morning.Find out how that works out later. :slight_smile:
DD wanted to go night swimming so we headed to the hippy dippy pool for a bit. Then off to bed! Yay for sleeping in as our next day was Typhoon Lagoon!

Day 3 - Typhoon Lagoon and MK evening!
We slept in until about 7:30 which felt so good! DD needed the sleep and I had to wake her up. AT home she never sleeps past 7:30.
We were going to get ready and eat breakfast in the food court. We were a little late getting to breakfast and it was busy, so I tried to call a minnie after we ate but nothing was available, so we had to wait for a bus. The wait was very hot and long! We did get to ride on a brand new Daisy bus with that new bus smell. Once we got through the tapstiles, we got a locker and found a place to put our stuff. DD had to go into the wave pool first. Whoa it was strong, she was only in water up to her calf and the undertow was really strong! We then rode Miss Adventure falls first, great first ride. Then took the lazy river around to Keehaul Falls and Mayday Falls. Literally said outloud on Mayday falls “never again”! Too many little speed bumps. DD said she almost came off the tube on it.So we went back on Keehaul falls several more times. OMG my legs! Then we walked over to the body slides and did each one one time. Again, my legs! Took lazy river over to where we got in initially and I could tell I was getting hangry. DD wanted to take one ride around the lazy river so we did that after a few words of compromise. HA!
We rode one full turn around the lazy river and grabbed our stuff, changed and got some mini donuts on the way out. OMG, so good!!! They are better than the ones we have at home. Called for a minnie van on the way out because there was no telling when the bus would arrive.
The minnie vans are so nice! I loved being able to chat with the drivers. Our driver was a circus clown and then performed with Disney on Ice for 12 years and now he’s in transportation. And he’s from CT where my husband grew up so it’s always nice to have a connection of some sort.
We then changed and headed to eat lunch at 3:00. We ended up splitting mickey waffles since we had a reservation at Crystal Palace at 5:55. I had originally scheduled it for 4:55 but moved it earlier to a later time. We then hopped on a MK bus and headed in for our 7DMT FPP.
We had a great ride on 7DMT, then walked down Main Street and stopped for a few photopass pics again. Checked into Crystal Palace a little early and was seated a little while later. Crystal Palace food was good, and we enjoyed the characters. Did have to wait a little bit for Pooh but we really weren’t going anywhere except to our Pirates FPP. We had a BTMRR scheduled but after we switched our dinner time I had to give it up. The Pirates FPP was again really long! But it was fine. We then bought dd a sword because she’d rather have that than a princess crown. :slight_smile:

This just made me think about the fact that we totally forgot to pack my DD ears for our trip!

After we rode Pirates, it was late so we made a bee line for the exit and got the heck out of dodge My DD doesn’t do well with fireworks so shows were off limits for us. We rode the bus back to POP and headed to bed.

Next up HS and Animal Kingdom and Caring for Giants tour!


I am also one of those people who clap at the end of Soarin’
Its me and my DD5’s favorite!


Day 4 - HS and AK!
So when we got back from MK the night before we debated for a while about going to HS in the morning at 6am. I originally had it scheduled for the afternoon, after AK and had a FP for SDD. But we really only wanted to do TSL and nothing else so it made more sense to just suck it up and get up early and head to HS. I got up around 4:30 I believe and woke DD up around 5:15 maybe. I threw some Belvita snack packs in our bag and we were out the door.But it was already 5:40. I really laid in bed too long pondering what we were doing. My toe had been bothering me for the past few days, not sure if my sneaker was too small or what it was. There were somewhat broken in and I had been taking the dog on walks with them but not for hours at time I guess. Luckily I had my Spenco flip flops and was able to wear those comfortably with some body glide on the balls of my feet. Where I usually get hot spots. Anywho I digress… back to HS.
We go down the elevator and they mention that they were taking the skyliner. I really didn’t believe the CM that told me the Skyliner was opening at 5:45 but I walked around the corner and there was already a line so we walked on over and got in line. We were probably 100 people back in line, maybe less. They started boarding right at 5:45. We loved it! It was dark and you couldnt’ see much but it was so cool! I am used to gondolas but not without heavy warm clothes and ski equipment. Oh and snow on the ground. We did stop for a few minutes at the very end of the lake…my worst fear! Thankfully we started moving again. We got off at Carribean Beach and walked right onto the HS line. We were there in no time, literally like 5 minutes or less. We get off the skyliner and round the corner and I see it. THE SECURITY LINE!!! It was ridiculously long! And I thought the Epcot bag check line was long, OMG that doesn’t have anything on HS. So we got stuck in line for 20-30 minutes with a very thorough bag checker.
I kept watching the wait times go up for Slinky and then go down and then go up. We finally get through bag check and high tailed it to Slinky. The wait was showing at 45 minutes on MDE and 8 minutes on SDD. It ended up being 23 minutes which we barely noticed because we were so excited to ride and the line was moving most of the time.
After SDD we went to Alien Swirling Saucers and my DD rode by herself in her own car. Fine by me, I didn’t want to risk feeling sick. She then wanted to ride TSMM and I was said we rode it a few days ago and the wait is showing at 30 minutes. We grabbed a donut for DD, had a pic taken at the front of the park and out we went to catch a bus to AK. It was right at 8am when we left the park. I was hoping to be well on our way to AK by now because she wanted to ride Navi River Journey and I wasn’t banking on a FPP to be available same day. I had always seemed to miss the same day drops earlier in the trip because the MDE app is cray cray!
I attempted to get a minnie van again with no luck! So we made the long walk to the Animal Kingdom bus and waited about 5 minutes.
We arrived to AK to construction and made our way to the entrance. Easy bag check and tapping in. At some point during the morning I managed to find both a Safari and a Navi FP that would work in our plan. We had Tusker House scheduled at 11:55 after our 10:30 Caring for Giants tour so we had to work around that. The only Navi I could get was for 1:15 and I was worried we wouldn’t be done in time so I kept looking and sure enough found one for about 15 minutes later.
When we first got in we took some photopass pics and then headed to Triceratop spin and then DD wanted to play in the Boneyard. We hadn’t yet fit that in on any of our trips so I was fine with it. We had basically accomplished everything that we really wanted to do that day by riding SDD so I was very chill at AK. We did a few wilderness explorers and had a potty break and then headed over to Navi for our FP. Oh also at some point I was able to move our TH to later because the only Safari I could find was at 11:30 and we wanted to ride right after our tour. IT was easy to modify a few hours before.
After Navi we walked from Pandora to Africa, hit the restroom, grabbed a bottle of water (and yes I used a snack credit, because I wanted a Dasani water and not something from a fountain…and I still had 6 snack credits left at least and we were leaving the next day)
We checked into our tour and waited patiently. The tour was great, my DD was so excited to be going “backstage”. We had done a free tour last April at AK from Rafiki’s Planet Watch and went backstage and saw some of the animal care center, so she was excited to see backstage again. We walked over to our van, they whisked us away to the back of the elephant area and we learned all about elephants and how the people of Africa are working to stop poaching. Very interesting and educational. We saw Donna (the mom) baby Stella (she’s 3) and 2 more of Donna’s daughters. It was worth every penny of the $60 that I spent for that tour. We had some things in common with one of the CM’s, where he lived, where I was from and where he was stationed in the military was at the same base that my FiL is retired from.
We then went to Tusker House and had lunch. It was good, but the buffet line got long several times and my DD almost missed Donald because she had to get a cookie. LOL We were there every bit of 80 -90 minutes. Food was good but the mac and cheese, OMG, it’s so yummy!
We then went on the Gorilla Falls trail, (also missed that last time because it wasn’t opened yet) so we got some more Wilderness Explorer badges for her book and sweated a lot more. OMG, so hot at AK!
We cooled off with some shaved ice…remember all those snack credits. I had the Asante Slush and she had a watermelon shaved ice. We bought some souvenirs and headed out to the entrance with a few stops on our way. We ended up taking the bus to Art of Animation again because it was there and we didn’t want to wait. I apparently can’t read signs very well either because we almost ended up on the other side of the bus station.
We made it back to AofA and walked back across to POP. Where the line for the Skyliner was still going. :slight_smile:


Once we got back to Pop we were pleasantly surprised to find a fancy Skyliner Pin in our room…and our tragical express papers! :frowning: I think my daughter thought I was crazy because I was really touched. LOL We rested, did laundry (I didn’t have any clothes left for the the last day), went to the play ground, refilled our mugs. (those things are addicting, I drank way too much Vitamin Water that trip). We had some dinner, I had the pasta and meatballs, all decent but so much food. And DD8 had mac and cheese. We packed a little and went to the pool for night swimming, which my DD thought was the best thing ever. We picked up some stuff at the gift shop with snack credits and an ornament that I sent there from MK. Oh and we took one last ride on the Skyliner while it was semi light outside. We rode to the CBR station and got off and then back on again. We did have stoppage over the lake for several minutes but it was fine and we started going again and all was good. I packed most everything that night so I could check our bags through at airline checkin in the am. I was glad that we decided to get up early and go to HS that morning, because there was no way I would have made it after Animal Kingdom. My big toe was killing me so I had been wearing flip flops and good lord Animal Kingdom just did me in with it being so hot.
I needed the rest and my DD needed the down time at the resort. I did start to get a little Disney Rash so i put some anti itch cream on it and asked what else to do on chat and someone suggested I get in the pool, so I did and that seemed to help a bit. I lathered it with the same cream the next morning also and it seemed to help. Luckily it was small area.
Next up - MK Day and flight home!

Day 5 - MK, Family Magic Tour, Tragical Express and airplane ride home.

We slept in a little, maybe to like 6:30 or 7:00am. HA! I finished packing, we had breakfast quickly, splitting a bounty platter with our last QS credit. I did airline resort check in and dropped our carry on at bell services. We ate and then headed to the bus for MK. There was a looong line at the bus stop. It really wasn’t that long but it was the longest we’d seen the entire trip. There were several ECVs’ that had to load so I started to think we might be waiting a while. There was a CM with a tablet doing something and next thing I know there are 2 more buses pulling up to go to MK. Thank goodness! We got on the second one and off we went. I was totally stressing because I knew DD wanted to ride 7DMT and I had pre booked one from 8-9am. I was banking on that 15 minute grace period but I had to get there, through security and through the taps and down main street. We hustled to bag check, was annoyed we had to wait. LOL as usual. My finger print wouldn’t work so I was trying not to get bothered by this. This was the first time the entire trip we had issues with our finger prints. We hustled down main street to get to 7DMT and I believe we tapped in at 9:14am and the CM didn’t bat an eye.So we rode for the 4th time this trip. We stopped by the fire house and got a new set of Sorcerers cards and the nice CM gave us each 2 packs since it was our birthdays. :slight_smile: Then we walked down main street to Town Square Theater for our Family Magic Tour! It was us 2 and a family of 4 with a 9 yr old and a maybe 5 year old girls. We had so much fun on the tour, the tour guide Kaitlyn was amazing and the girls all loved her! I won’t spoil anything but we got to a do a few things that were a surprise to the kids and they all loved it. We ended about 12:00. While we were on our tour my DD lost her brand new BB8 halloween pin. She was crushed, she had just purchased it the night before. We mentioned it to Kaitlyn and she said just follow me to Guest Relations and we will take care of it. So after our tour she said follow me and we went over to Guest Relations and got a voucher for a new Pin and DD walked right into the Emporium, picked it out and we had our Pin back! We then went to the candy shop to burn the rest of our snack credits and bid farewell to MK and were on our way to the bus lot. We decided to order a Minnie just in case, I was worried about not getting back in time. So we ordered one and it cost $30 (i had a promo code) but at that point I would have paid $100. :slight_smile:
We got our bags at POP and rested in the food court until time for Tragical express pick up which was late by 20 minutes. But we were the last ones on and away we went to MCO. OMG, the security of MCO is terrible. Really why can’t they fix it! We made it with plenty of time to spare it’s just annoying.
And with that we had a row to ourselves and we landed on safely and on time and headed home.

We had the best trip, we laughed and giggled and relaxed and did whatever we wanted without a big brother and Dad to boss us around. :slight_smile: And it was magical, every minute of it! We decided the night before this would become an event every two years. Only because it’s $$ and we would try a new resort every time and maybe do a split stay each time so we can check out new places. Although we really loved POP!

Thanks for reading my long drawn out ramblings!