First hour messing up my predicted plan

I am trying to make personal touring plans for my trip in December. Both Magic kingdom days have a one hour wait for the first ride. For instance on December 20th I want to go to big Thunder first. With extra magic hour it has me waiting for an hour at road drop. My second day, the 21st Magic kingdom again I tried going to see Cinderella first and tried going on mine train first both ways I have a one hour wait time. Why is this happening. I’m so frustrated trying to figure this all out so I know when to book my fast passes later this week but after spending hours today I have made no progress.

On your first day Big Thunder is not open during EMHs, so that might be it but I have no idea about the second day.

thanks that fixed half my problem

Share your second plan and post the link to it so we can have a better idea of what is going on here.

Good idea. Let me know if you can figure it out.



It is not showing- can you go to : edit, click on publish, and then coly the link again?

Try this. Sorry clearly I’m new around here.

It is still not allowing access. Let me show you my steps:

First open your plan

Why does it never post my photos in order? Do you see how I hit edit, then publish- last step would be to save. This is hard to figure out without help!

I did but I think it was the wrong link. Try this one. Thank you so much for taking your time to help me.


I can see it! Ok- @brklinck is the expert I would rely on but there are a few things. First , I would expect that before your trip the hours will change and MK will open at 8. Also, you will try for FPs for Space and Peter Pan- right? I think it is saying that 7DMT will be that long of a wait. I don’t believe it, and you are right- no way Cinderella would be that long either!

Well I’m thinking the park being open that late the waits will go way down after Wishes. I was thinking FP for mid day, not space mountain. But I still don’t understand why the wait is so messed up in the beginning

It is nit really scheduling anything for you after 11:00. You decide on your FPs. I would schedule those heavy hitters early with FPs.

Did you Optimize or Evaluate this plan? If it is Optimized, then I think there is something going seriously wrong here. You have almost 4 hours of Free Time after Step 12, 5 attractions with N/A in the values, and the totals are messed up for total time and in line time.

Yeah, taking a second look at your plan, I’m betting that you Evaluated rather than Optimized. Evaluate takes the steps that you have listed in order and determines how long it will take to complete them. Optimize takes everything you have listed and determines the best order to do them in.

I did and then I was messing with it because it had us running all over the park and waiting first hour. I just deleted it today and started over. It’s working better now

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