"First Haircut" Experience at MK

Any first-hand experiences of the “First Haircut” at MK? How long should I plan for it? Thinking of doing it for DS 1.5 and DD 3.5.

My sister just took her son for his first haircut. I haven’t heard her official report yet, but I’ll see if she’s willing to share.

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Hey! I’m the sister who just did it and it was great!! We had a 1pm reservation and had to wait about 10 minutes while they finished other people up and then it only took about 10 minutes to cut my sons hair (he doesn’t have much). They gave him ears, a certificate, stickers and a special pouch of his hair. Well worth the $25. It was amazing! If you don’t have an appointment go early and they can do walk ins between the appointments. There are only 3 chairs so if it’s busy you may just have to come back. Have fun!!


I did it in October when DD was 2. We didn’t have an appointment but it wasn’t busy and they fit us right in. Gave DD some toys to play with during the cut, and then when she acted up said it was okay and that she was finished. Gave us a good bit of stickers for DD.

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Thinking about doing this in oct for ds1!!! Thanks for the info @Dalegirl82

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This makes me so excited!! :slight_smile: Now I’m hoping he can last until September to get a haircut…