First four days in parks - review and TP wisdom please

Hi everyone, we’re visiting from the UK late February and throughout March and would love your input.
We’re huge Disney fans, having clocked up over 50 days at Disneyland Paris since the kids were little, but this is our first visit to Florida. To say we’re excited is something of an understatement. There are five of us, my wife and I, and three kids 10, 16 and 18.
We’ve got the UK 21-day Disney passes so have the luxury of plenty of time in the parks (we’ve got the two week Universal and Seaworld passes for after we’ve focused on Disney). But despite that I still want to make the most of it, and so all your wisdom would be most appreciated.
I’ve spent the last few months devouring pretty much everything Touring Plans and also the Dibb have to offer, so I think I’m in a good place with it all. Our FPP 60-day was five days ago so I’ve now got the first four days sorted, and would love your feedback on them if you have any while I can still switch FPPs around.
Our general plan is hit up the four parks in the first four days, and then with the rest of the time use weekends as rest days and add a waterpark in once a week too, so four-ish days in the parks per week.
We have just the first night on site (given the free parking, magic bands and FPP 60 day access it wasn’t a lot more) then the rest is in a villa.

Day 1 - MK (CL4) Rope drop to give us time to wander around Main Street and take in the magic, and get first timer badges. Then Peter Pan (family tradition) first, after which this TP kicks in:
The park has extra evening hours which we’ll use to just wander and try a few extra rides on our favourites from the day. SDMT was the earliest I could get which is why it’s weirdly late.
Day 2 - EP EMH followed by AK (CL4) - This was our only 60+1 day so I thought a good combo was to make use of EP early opening to just do Future World then move to AK to get FOP fastpass, (still only managed them for 5pm).
EP plan:
AK plan:
Day 3 - EP World Showcase (CL5) - after two early starts the next two are later as we have a drive in from the villa - this one focuses on the world showcase (although has two Tier B fastpasses at the front just to use them up)
Day 4 - HS (CL6) Another late start (we might RD later in the trip to get SDD but not that bothered given the age of our kids) and seeing Fantasmic seemed a better priority.

So there you have it. This is followed by a rest day, and then the Monday at Blizzard Beach, then we’re back to it after that with something a bit less intense! The back end of our time hits Spring Break so I’m also trying to make the most of the quieter parks end Feb and start of March.
We’re not table service type people and our budget is limited so it’ll be packed lunches and QS grabbed in the breaks, so on the whole I haven’t scheduled them in.
So, thoughts on my plans, the FPP choices, and anything else all you knowledgeable lot can think of would be very welcome!
Thanks in advance,