First Family Trip Report 1/1-1/9

Ok starting this a day late but here goes nothing I will try to keep up with it nightly. A little background of people on the trip DW, DD6, DD4, and DD2 who turns 3 on 1/3.

Flight got in on time at 2:50 PM. Kids of course needed to eat Wendy’s at the airport before we could catch DME ha. Magical express was very quick and easy. On the way to the resort I got an alert with my room number at POP. I did the online check in the night before our flight. I also got the exact room I requested through TP so that was awesome. We dropped a couple of things off in the room and then headed for the Skyliner.

I was worried the kids might be scared of the Skyliner so I wanted to make sure they liked it before I planned to use it to get to Epcot and HS later on in the trip. We have a room really close to the Skyliner and it was really easy and quick to get on. We rode from POP to CBR. Then rode from CBR to HS and back. Decided to head back to POP to grab a bus to Disney Springs for the night.

This is our first trip and I have learned so much here except I did not look into the info at Disney Springs that much and had nothing planned for this night. Well Disney Springs was packed and doing no research I was basically flying blind and everyone got really cranky quickly. We needed to eat so finally I decided to mobile order from D-lux burger since I figured that would be the quickest. Well truth be told I should have just went back to the resort. After mobile ordering it took about an hour to get the food and it was ok at best. We finally headed back to the resort about 9:30 PM.

Kids finally settled down and passed out around 11:00. MK in the morning


Plan was to be at RD but we had a busy morning right away so that put that in jeopardy. I ordered Amazon Prime Now at midnight and they gave an arrival window from 6-7 am. So I headed down to grab that and also to make sure that dining plan was loaded because they were not able to merge the night I added at the beginning of our trip. Everything was really quick and easy.

Took the grocery delivery and everyone had some cereal for breakfast in the room. DW wanted to grab our resort mugs before we left for the park so we did that too. We arrived at the buses and there was a pretty large group. We were able to squeeze on the second bus and arrived at MK at about 8:45. We got through bag check and everything really quickly and were in the park by 9:05 so we just missed rope drop but I figured we could still follow my plan.

Headed to Magic Carpets waited about 2 minutes and kids loved it. So dad did at least one thing right on this trip. Then we headed to POC. Waited less than 5 minutes. 2 of the 3 kids were scared on the ride so dad did at least one thing wrong on this trip. Ha. We were still food with the times on my plan so we headed over to use FPP at Buzz. DD4 lost her shit because POC was scary so now she thought every ride was scary. DW, DD6, and DD2 went on and they gave me a RS. Then DD6,DD2, and I went right after. We were making good time but just missed the 10:00 Laugh Floor but caught the next one. Then took a break for some pretzels from Launching Pad. Everyone enjoyed the break and getting some food.

Headed to use next FP at speedway. As we got in line I asked DD4 where her magic and was. Her response “I don’t know I took it off while I was eating”. So I hurried back to Lunching Pad and found it on the ground luckily. We rode Speedway and DD6 was happy they let her “drive” eventhough she was not tall enough. I did have to push the pedal. Now we headed over for last FP at ETWB at 11:10. I had prepped the kids so they volunteered for the show. 2 of the 3 were chosen and the kids loved the show and being a part of it.

While in line for ETWB I picked up a Dumbo FPP so we headed there right after. I think the kids could go on these type of rides the whole trip and be perfectly happy. They were bummed that they did not get to play some of the stuff in the regular stand by line. Yeah I am not about to wait in that line. Ha. Once we scanned at Dumbo I picked up a MC right after.

We exited Dumbo and I put in a mobile order for CHH. Well this ended up being another hour long wait for the meal even with mobile order. Also I am guessing with new kids/adult credits split that it is not working so I just paid and figure I would deal with it later. Food was ok. Kids are literally nothing.

So we abandoned MC and headed to the bus to go back to hotel to recharge at 1:00. Chef Mickey for dinner tonight.


Had ADR for Chef Mickey at 6:40. Arrived at 6:30 and at 6:51 got an alert that table was ready. I was expecting this to be the worst food of any of our ADRs. Well I have to say that with the buffet there were multiple things that I could have just eaten a plate of. The pork pot stickers, tortellini, and the prime rib were all worth getting a second helping for me.

The character interaction was really hit or miss for us. Mickey was first and when hugging DD2 he either attempted to kiss or pretend to eat her head and she freaked out. That kind of set the mood for the rest of the characters and the kids just wanted them to sign their autograph. We did get some good group photos. We had a lot of nice people in our section that all exchanged taking group pictures for every table.

After dinner we rode the monorail back to Magic Kingdom and the fireworks had just ended so it was a mad house of people flocking out of there. We got back to our resort and in bed around 9:30. We asked the kids what their favorite things were today. DD2 said ETWB, DD4 said Dumbo and ETWB, DD6 said Tomorrowland Speedway and meeting Donald and Minnie at Chef Mickey.

That is it for today but tomorrow DD2 becomes DD3 so we are headed to Epcot for some FEA and Anna/Elsa.


Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!! Thanks for sharing…and happy birthday to DD!!

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Awesome trip report! Your kids sound like mine as far as ride preferences (although my DD5-then-4 was also actually scared of the talking wardrobe at ETWB so I’m hoping that during our May 2020 trip she will be as adventurous as your kids :joy:). My son will be turning 3 at WDW during our trip just like your DD2. Couldn’t pass up taking advantage of a trip while he was still free. Have so much fun! Looking forward to updates and happy birthday to your princess!

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I went to the front desk to talk about how I had trouble using dining credits at CHH. The first response was “you have credits here is a printout”. After pushing he talked to a supervisor and then the response was “we are aware of an issue with mobile orders and the QS credits. You should order in the restaurant if you want to use credits and use mobile order if you want to pay with a credit card”. I responded with “so for the link of my stay I should wait in longer lines to order food if I want to use the dining plan that I purchased from you”. I am just upset that they changed the way the credits are used and then punished me further by basically eliminating mobile ordering.

I would then reply that I’ll pay out of pocket at the restaurant and you can reimburse me and then charge it to my dinning plan.

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I’ve never used dining plan but that does not sound right.

I hope today is smoother for that. My kids are young too and it’s great Disney has those rides for them. Also the short waits are also great!

Enjoying your report!

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Ok so mobile order now works correctly. They are saying it was probably because my app was not updated and updated while charging last night. So now I can mobile order and have it take the correct kids and adult QS credits.


Everyone woke up this morning by 6:45. Got ready quickly and DD2 who is now DD3 could open presents. After opening presents we jumped on the Skyliner and were at IG around 8:05. There was enough of a crowd through bag check that they walked us in at about 8:20 or so and we lined up near Canada and I would say 50ish people in front of us. After waiting for awhile all three kids wanted to go to the bathroom so my wife took them. Of course at about 8:50 they released everyone and they were not back. So I stepped out of the rush and then they caught up a couple minutes later but most of the crowd was by us at that point.

I stuck with the original plan and headed for FEA. We were there by 9:05 and probably waited 15 minutes which was fine because the kids got to see the standby line features. Kids all loved the ride. Originally we were hoping to see Anna and Elsa at this point but getting a later start I figured I would head over to Nemo for that FP. Yeah I know I did not really need a FP but was trying to use up the tier 2 quickly. On the way to Nemo one of the kids saw the character location for Joy/sadness and there were only 4 families there. So we stopped and met Joy. Sadness was too sad to get out of bed today. Also they said Sadness is being sent to the long term memories starting on the 5th. So now of course the girls want to stop back and see her tonight. Ha.

After the character meet we did Nemo which the kids neither liked or hated. Then we did our 10am FP for Crush. Kids thought that was pretty cool. After Crush DD6 was complaining about her shoes and wanted to get flip flops so we checked out a couple stores but she did not find anything. So we headed back to use 3rd FP for FEA at 11:05. We got there right at 11 and tapped in. We waited about 5 minutes and DD6 complained “why do we have to wait in this line again”. If she only knew because this is day 2 of the trip and because of the liners we have not waited at all and have awesome FPs the rest of the trip. After riding it this time the kids loved the ride even more.

Once we headed back to grab the stroller I had my wife set an alarm 5 minutes before so I did not miss the 11:31 SDFP drop. We headed for world showcase to cruise through and maybe grab some snacks. One of the first places and DD6 wanted ice cream and DW wanted a beer. The ice cream ended up all over everyone but whatever the kids enjoyed it. Then DW took two kids to the bathroom and I sat on a bench with DD4. While sitting there I realized it was past 11:31. DW came back at about that time and said “what’s wrong”. I told her I missed that time and she said “oh crap the alarm went off when you were getting the ice cream. I told her it did not matter because really I only wanted to get Soarin for the afternoon. Then we stopped in Germany to grab a pretzel and then I realized they had a green sticker over the DDP snack symbol so it is not included. So I skipped that.

We headed back to Pop on the Skyliner so everyone could grab food and nap. DD3 passed out in stroller before the food court and slept the whole time we ate. I stayed with her after the meal and the rest went to look for flip flops in the gift shop. I wandered around for a little bit and then decided to take a seat and try to grab FP at the 1:31 drop. Well it worked perfectly and grabbed a Soarin for 4:00 tonight.

Now we are in the room and everyone is napping while I write up this trip report. Plan is to head back to Epcot in time to use the 4:00 Soarin and RS. We have Akershus at 7 and then Epcot Forever at 9. Let see if we make it to do any or all of that.


Ok after naps we headed back to Epcot. We left hotel at 4:05 and made it on Skyliner, through bag check, and over to Soarin at 4:58 for our 4:00 FP. We all scanned in and got a RS for me while I waited with DD4 and DD2. DW and DD6 went on the ride and the three of us hit living with the land since it was a 20 minute wait and was really like a 10. We all met back up after that and all the girls wanted to go see Sadness since they missed her earlier in the day. So they all went to Sadness and I went on Soarin by myself.

We met up shortly after and I had grabbed a Disney Pixar film. It almost immediately changed to an anytime FP but the options to use it did not appeal to us because we had already rode most and were not interested in the others. Plus we had to get over to Akershus dinner. We headed to Akershus and stopped real quick to see Anna and Elsa. That took about 20 minutes and we made it to our Akershus right on time.

We waited about 10-15 minutes outside and then they called our family. We sat and immediately ordered drinks and food which was nice because we knew what we wanted. We jumped up and grabbed food from the salad bar and I grabbed a bunch of food that I would not usually eat in everyday life and it was all good. Then we had princesses coming at us rapid fire for the next 15 or so minutes. The interactions were very short and not much interaction.

Dinner then arrived and DW got the meatballs and they were really good. I had the pork tenderloin and it was ok but nothing special. I would have rather eaten the meatballs after trying those. Kids all got Mac n cheese of course and ate nothing.

Soon as dinner was over we headed to where we parked our stroller and waited about 30 minutes for Epcot Forever. Our three kids really enjoyed the show and actually a lot of the kids around us were dancing and loving it. DW and I thought it was ok but nothing too special. After the show we headed back to the resort to get some rest for a very early HS day tomorrow.


It’s very impressive that you are writing this up before bed!! Good luck with the early start!! Have a great day!!

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I figured if I did not write it up quickly each day I would forget most of the details because I am sure even though this a long trip it will be over in a flash.


True enough! It goes so quickly!! :weary:


Cute picture! I love the Inside Out characters :star_struck:

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Day 4 Hollywood Studios 1/4.

I felt really bad waking the kids up at 5:30 so that we could make it to a bus around 6:00. Kids were pretty cranky but once they were in the stroller with cereal in hand they were good. We missed the 1st bus we saw by about 8 people. Caught a bus about 20 minutes later and arrived at HS at 6:45. We were through bag check and in the park in only a few minutes. We went as far as we could into the park and set up for a boarding group. I really did not have it planned but since we were in the park I figured I might as well. Well I clicked my status right at 7:00 and got BG 17. We decided to talk about it later to see if we would ride and headed towards TSMM with the RD crowd.

While marching the Slinky Dog lines stopped really quick and they had posted 180 minutes. We marched right past that and headed for TSMM. Well that line was really large too and was posted at 50 minutes so we immediately skipped and headed to ASS because I knew the kids would love that knew it would be 5 minutes or so from TP research. We got there and headed in the line and when we were almost to the front which took about 2 minutes DD4 had to go the bathroom. I stepped out of line with her and CM told me to just come back through FP line. We made it to the bathroom and back on the ride quickly and the rest of the family waited to the side of the boarding area. We rode and all the kids loved the ride. I am always worried about DD4 because she gets motion sickness but she was all good on this one.

After exiting ASS we saw Jessie setting up so we waited about 10 minutes to see her. Then we headed for coffee. I promised DW she could have coffee every morning no matter what I had planned so today I actually followed that. Ha. We grabbed some pretzels and sodas too because we will never use all these snack credits.

While grabbing coffee we decided to go ahead and do RISE or ROTR or whatever everyone is using for it. We tapped in to Star Tours for our 7:30 FP at about 8:00 and then we scanned DW for RS for RISE. I headed on the ride and she headed with the kids to see Olaf. I spent about 20 minutes until boarding the ride and then the ride took roughly 20 minutes. I am not a big Star Wars person but the ride was really cool and the details and just the length of the ride should be worth it for anyone even if you are not a Star Wars fan.

After exiting the ride I met up with the family that just finished Olaf so the 10 minute time there from Disney and TP was a little off. We headed over to use 8:30 SDD and DW, DD6, and DD4 rode and I got a RS. Then while they were riding I tried to modify our VOLM. Well I could not because my SDD did not clear for me. So I went and talked to a CM and they said it was fine and then I explained I wanted to clear it so I could modify FPs and also to start picking up 4th FP after clearing my next one. They told me to find a guest services to help.

Everyone got off the ride at this point and we headed to VOLM and I stopped quickly at GS because the line was only 3 families. He was able to clear my SDD FP after a little work and then we tapped in and skipped VOLM and headed to our H&V breakfast at 10:05. We got there about 10 minutes earlier and were called within 10 minutes

While waiting the 10 minutes all 3 kids were melting down and just wanted to go back to the hotel. The early morning was catching up with them. We insisted that they get through breakfast and then we could take a break because the Disney Jr characters are some of their favorites. As soon as we got inside they all did a 180 and were great during the whole meal and meeting the characters. The food was like all of you liners had said and was blah at best. But the character interactions were great and we actually saw Vampirina twice and that is our kids favorites so the meal was so worth it.

After our meal we headed for the Skyliner and back to the hotel for a nap and rest. Oh I should say while waiting for H&V I was able to pick up a TSMM FP for 3:55. So the plan is to head back there at some point hopefully before 4:30 to use that FP and the SDD RS and for my DW to do RISE. Also that H&V breakfast had the Fantasmic Package so we have that too. I feel like I packaged a lot in to today if we can get all that done and maybe a Frozen sing along. Hope people are enjoying this but if anything it is keeping track of it for myself to remember what we did.


Sounds like you’re having a great time!

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Thanks for writing! I’m enjoying following your trip! Giving me ideas for my next trip with kids 3 and 6.

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You guys are getting a ton accomplished with 3 young kids! Sounds like a great trip so far!