First evening Disney Springs dinner questions (timing and such)

Our flight lands at 4:25, and I’ve got a dinner reservation at Disney Springs at 7:45. We’re staying at the Beach Club. That’s enough time to go to our room and unload some stuff, then hop the bus to Disney Springs, right?

About how long does the bus between the Beach Club and Disney Springs take?

Does anyone have a strong recommendation for or against having the Magical Express bring our bags to the room? We will be on west coast time, so we won’t want to go to bed super early, but I’d really like to be sure we’ll have our bags by 10 or so.

Edit: We could also go to Flying Fish or somewhere else near our resort that evening instead, but then I’m not sure when we’ll go to Disney Springs at all. I have lots of afternoon breaks planned, but I think we would rather spend them swimming, relaxing, and other stuff right at our resort. Maybe that would be fine? I don’t care too much about the shopping or the specific restaurants there. (Our reservation is at The Edison, which sounds super fun, but not unmissable.)

If you are going to rely on Disney transportation I would not go to DS with that schedule. BC to DS can share a bus with all of the Boardwalk area resorts. Add the travel time to DS , FF sounds lovely- or if you do not have the dining plan- some where at Swan/Dolphin.

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We do not have a dining plan! Which Swan/Dolphin restaurants do you recommend?

Bluezoo is my favorite but Shula’s, Il Mulino, and Kimonos are great too. I would look at the menus and see what appeals to you!

Thanks–I looked at them and Bluezoo looks beautiful, but I think they might be a little fancier than we’ll feel like that evening, and on second thought Flying Fish may be, too. Maybe we’ll just play it by ear and do someplace quick service on the Boardwalk or at Disney Springs. That will also take some pressure off if our plane is delayed.


I live in Seattle and am used to taking a 2.5 hour flight to John Wayne, hopping on a bus that only stops at two other resorts, and being in Disneyland in time for an early lunch, so planning for a longer day of travel–and accounting for shuttle times to get around the resort–are new to me!

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You may then consider a late ADR at Trattoria al Forno at the BWI or Ale and Compass at YC.

I’ve just realized that I am putting more research and time into planning this trip than our wedding. I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud of that.

At least it is cheaper! (Um, a little.)


Lol, you are not alone! And proud? I spent 6 months planning my wedding and about a year for our trip to Disney!


It’s funny you say that - we are going to Disney in December and getting married in January. I have been planning the Disney trip for a good 6 months and have all kinds of spreadsheets with color coding but have put little thought into the wedding. It is a destination wedding so not much required but still, people are shocked at my lack of interest in my wedding compared to Disney!


I cannot recommend Trattoria al Forno enough! It was amazing!


We are eating at Via Napoli a couple of days later. Do you think it is different enough?

We had a less than enjoyable experience at Via Napoli when we went there last fall. It was our first time going, so maybe it was just a one-off bad experience, but we loved our Trattoria meal so much that we went back three nights later and had an even better meal. Lasagna, chicken parm, and the pizza were all very, very good…as were the desserts. Service was outstanding and it was easy to get a time that fit in our schedule.

I would choose Flying Fish.

I love Flying Fish. I have very little reason to not choose Flying Fish.

If you still want to do DS, you can certainly grab a bus there from BW after your dinner.

The pizza I’ve had at VN has been outstanding, the other food kind of meh (I prefer Tutto Italia for non-pizza entrees). But I’ll admit it’s probably been 5 or 6 years since I’ve eaten there, and lately I’ve been reading mixed reviews of VN. I haven’t been to the Trattoria, so I can’t comment first hand, although it typically gets good reviews.