First evening after a day of driving

Husband and wife, both in their 30s arriving at Fort wilderness for a week in Disney. We will arrive around 6 or so after a 10ish hour drive on June 15th.

Husband is looking forward to vacation but not necessarily Disney (hasn’t been since he was 6 and pictures crowd level 10 with 2 hour waits and 110 degree days).

What would be your suggestions for a nice evening activity upon arrival? - something relaxing and something to set the mood for the next week and kick things off on an enjoyable note.

a nice dinner!! Perhaps Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge as it is lose to FW

Definitely relax around the resort, or head to a different resort for a nice dinner. Or, if you want a more upbeat start, there are a lot of good restaurants and bars in DS.

Camp fire sing along at Ft Wilderness, is a nice way to stretch your legs after a long day sitting in a car.

A nice dinner! We did Ohana’ on the first night. It was neat to see the castle across the lake. Got us in the Disney mood!

On our arrival day this year we are either thinking of hitting Poly for a Dole Whip and to watch the fireworks from the beach, or just head over to Wilderness Lodge for some dinner and to explore there.

I recently listened to the WDW Radio podcast review of the food at Geyser Point at WL and sounds terrific and the location looks like a beautiful place to decompress before starting the week.


Do you know if there a walking path between FW and WL? Was thinking that might be nice if it doesn’t involve hopping back in the car :slight_smile: I thought I had seen talk of one but didn’t see one on the map.

I THINK there is - however there is a boat as well. FW --> Contemporary --> WL --> FW. It is a SMALLER boat - but quite relaxing. I can understand you not wanting to get back into the car.

Might be fun to do Hoop dee Doo Revue the first night since you’re staying at Fort Wilderness.

The path to WL begins near the FtW Settlement bus stop. As you get off the bus, you would veer to the right to go to the Settlement, if you veer to the left, walk past the bus loading pavilion, walk along Wilderness Rd for a bit, then a paved trail cuts across to your left. If you will be returning after sunset, take a light.

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I agree with a nice quiet dinner and a stroll.

Hoop Dee Doo?! Or Ohana if you wanted to take a nice boat ride to Contemporary then the monorail over to the Poly?

After a long drive hoop dee doo would be perfect. Good food and great entertainment plus unlimited beer wine. An added plus is the location. It will also get your husband in the Disney mood without having to travel anfter a long drive.