First DVC stay

We are leaving Sunday for our first stay since becoming owners. We’re staying at our home resort, Poly. Anything we need to bring with us besides towels and wash rags (from TX here so you may call them something else LOL), laundry stuff and the other usuals? Do we need to bring paper bowls/towels and plastic ware for breakfast food in our room? Thanks in advance!

We bring laundry stuff but that’s about it (aside from the obvious personal items and clothes). You don’t need to bring towels or washclothes. We have found there to be plenty of paper towels and dish soap.

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Congrats and Welcome Home! When my kids were little we would bring paper plates and such so we didn’t have to use the dishwasher as much.

Even in studios there are some dishes, paper and regular , and you can request re-suplies. Studios have dishclothes and dish soap, villas have that a couple of dishwasher pods

Have a wonderful time!!!

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Thanks everyone! I’ve been creeping on the boards for a good while now but haven’t posted anything until today. We’re excited to not only be coming back but to be able to bring some family members with us as well. Now if I could just get everything done and even begin to pack, that would be great! :rofl::joy::sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved::sweat::cry::sob: Don’t mind me just a slow realization of how much I left to do over here… I’ll be in a closet having a quick cry then off to the vynil store for tshirt supplies!


Good luck with your shirts!


The only thing I would say is complete phone chargers to plug in your phone. The DVC rooms don’t have USB ports, just standard outlets.

Everything else I think you’re good on. Not sure about the laundry question though, the hotel most likely has a way for you to get soap, but if you’re partial to a particular brand/kind, I would definitely bring your own (obviously).

Have a wonderful time!!! WELCOME HOME!


There are USB outlets in at least some DVC rooms. Certainly the refurbished / new resorts have them. But I’m sure we had them at Bay Lake and Kidani three years ago.

You can buy packets of laundry powder at the resort shops.


They haven’t been in the studios anytime I’ve stayed in there?

Either way, I would definitely plan to bring your own to be safe.

Ah, we always stay in 1-beds. I’m sure there was one in the master, maybe one in the living room. Or I may be wrong. :grin: