First Day - to Epcot's Akershus in time?

Need some expert advise on first day. So we are set to land at MCO at 9:30am and the first ADR is at Akershus Royal Banquet at 1:45pm. First off all do you think that is pushing it? I figured land - MDE - Bay Lake Tower - checkin if possible - Monorail - Monorail - Epcot - and straight to Akershus should be about right hopefully a bit early and can get in a ride on the way there.

Then how long do you think it takes to get back to Bay Lake Tower from Epcot for a mid day break? early flight with DD4 & DD7 will probably require a break. I’m guessing the full “allow an hour” will come into affect. I trying to determine what to put into my touring plan for the break. Thanks.

This sounds like too much in my opinion. You very well may make the reservation, but that is an awful amount of work to get there just to take a break after. It will take you awhile on the monorails, and then you still have quite a walk to Akershus. If you are committed to going to Epcot that day plan on staying the afternoon. Then make it an early evening so everyone gets a good nights sleep. If staying late in Epcot is more important, then I would cancel that reservation and go to Epcot a bit later after a rest. Just be prepared for kids who don’t want to rest due to the excitement of having just gotten there. I just don’t think it is worth several hours of travel each way just for a meal, princesses or not, but of course that is just my opinion.

I agree I would love to move it to dinner time and just hang out at the resort in the morning because I don’t think mom is skip on illuminations.
I guess I will just have to keep checking availability.

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Keep checking, people change their plans all the time. Good luck!

I also wouldn’t travel back and forth. If you can’t get a later time - maybe just take a nap in Ellen’s Energy Adventure. :smile:

haha, “just take a nap in Ellen’s Energy” so true. I just signed up for one of those dinning search programs so hopefully it will find a dinner time available. We’ll see.

bttriple - You said you just signed up for “one of those DINING SEARCH PROGRAMS”???
What is that?
It sounds like something I could use! I find all the checking to try to get a better (or any time) SO frustrating
Forgive me if not the right area to ask - I tried to search the site and got no responses.

I don’t know which one @bttriple uses but I use

I booked my trip at like 165 days and it was during a free DDP time so all of the restaurants I wanted were booked. I was able to get EVERYTHING I wanted, included a BOG breakfast and dinner. Yeah you pay a small fee but I signed up for the 3 notifications and think it was well worth it. I wasn’t looking every single day 7 times a day!

Disney Dining Scout is what I’m using. Sounds just like what gmlauder used. You pay a small fee~ $4 for four searches and it notifies you when there is availability, you still have to book the reservation though. I have never used one before so we’ll see. My trip is not till December so I don’t expect to hear much until we get closer.

@bttriple, be ready at ALL times of the day. I have my phone out at work and the second I get a notification I am on booking those ADRs!! I even got a notification at 2am before!

Ok. Thanks for the heads up.