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Hi everyone
We are saying in CBBR from the 19th and our fist full day in Universal will be on the Saturday and its offering EPA for both US & IOA. For the wow factor for harry potter, would you recommend US first then Hogwarts express over to IOA? or would you take advantage of EPA to IOA first? Cheers

Both sides are just awesome. On IOA side - you SEE everything as you enter so there is that. On US you go through the wall and then it opens up. Each side is completely different than the other. I may do IOA side first as I think the US side is SLIGHTLY more impressive and immersive - but you just can’t go wrong. Only suggestion for both sides - have a designated “locker” person. They go and put the bag in the locker - everyone else gets in line and then they catch up. This is a pretty accepted excuse for “butting” back in line as everyone has to do it.

Personally, I am a Harry Potter fanatic. For this reason, I prefer to experience the Harry Potter areas in the same order that Harry himself did. Therefore, I begin in Diagon Alley and then take the Hogwarts Express over to Hogsmeade. I feel that Diagon Alley is the most incredibly themed area of any theme park ever. But I also feel that the most incredible theme park ride ever is Forbidden Journey, which is located in Islands of Adventure. For this reason, I don’t think you can lose no matter what you do! :blush:


Thanks guys for the tips! Think I might do US for the first day! :slight_smile:

You really can’t go wrong. When we were there every morning was US only - so we always started out on that side. Only suggestion is - don’t get distracted and head directly to Gringots. Ride it, if the line is still short, ride it again and then enjoy everything else to see. You MUST also go to Olivander’s and do the wand ceremony - the “actors” are really into it and it is a great experience. Also the butterbeer ice cream and butterbeer itself are spot on as to what you would think they would taste like - they are awesome. Have a GREAT time!!

I had the same idea! WWHPD? What would Harry Potter do?

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Turn us all into statues so he could ride the rides over and over!!

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