First day of Food and Wine?

Just saw that Food and Wine will start on Thursday, August 29th this year - the day we were planning on Epcot. I suspect this won’t affect ride wait times much but wonder if World Showcase will be so crazy that we might want to move things around. We’d enjoy the food booths but it’s also not a priority as my husband has never visited before so we’ll have plenty to explore. We’re also trying to avoid HS that day!

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

The first day of any festival brings out the bloggers, so it can be a bit crazy for food booth lines, which adds to WS congestion. I don’t know that I’d avoid it…I’d just have this in mind if the lines seem long, and have a backup plan (I’d probably retreat to AK for a little chill time at Nomad, if I wanted good food and drink). Maybe a hotel bar?

I like to think Disney chose to have F&W start on the same day as SWGE so they could say, “Hey, know you can’t get into DHS, so have a drink at Epcot!” :grimacing: Or, the line for SWGE might stretch all the way to WS, so that figured they should keep the masses fed and watered while they wait?? :rofl:


I had the same thought regarding SWGE! I’m tempting to flip flop this with AK that we were planning on for the day before.