First day horror

Room request, not even close. I booked a preferred handicapped room 1 king and 1 double. They screwed up my reservation. They did not have a room available so the booked a room in DW’s name. We did not get 1 room we now have 2. One king and one double room. I went to the desk to pay for our SoA dinner 3 on the DDP and 2 out of pocket, you would have thought I asked the guy to preform a hit on someone. After explaining to this guy I did not want to waist 2 TS credits on 2 people for a dinner that cost $74 when I could go to a TS for 1 TS credit that cost $60. He then had to get a calculator out and use some strange math to figure out that 5 people cost x amount and 3 people cost y amount and if you subtract x and y you get q. I just looked at him and said $74 each is $148 for 2 people he did not believe me 5 minutes with a calculator and I was right.(5 minutes for him 2 seconds for me) So I go to hand him $150 and he starts running around like Rocky after the chicken. I asked whats wrong, he’s looking for someone with a till. So I offer to pay with a gift card. That he can do, he takes payment and nothing happens. He runs the card again .00 balance. 3 times .00 balance I know there is $130 left on the card 25 minutes later the card worked just did not show up on his end. after 10 minutes of me telling him I still need to pay the other $18 he runs that from another card. He then can’t apply our TS credits to the remaining balance. 2 or 3 supervisors now step in. They will fix it something is not right with the computer and for me to go about my day and they will bring me my tickets. They bring my tickets a 3 anytime fast passes. Great yea right. I go to dinner and pay with the DDP and I’m short TS credits. They fixed it alright by charging me twice for SoA. I NEED A DRINK who am I kidding I need a few.
Lets see what happens tomorrow.

On a good note I met Pluto


Wow! That’s a pretty bad start to the day. Where are you staying? Incredible that you had to pay for an extra room. Did they comp anything?

I would definitely complain about the issue at the restaurant. I can’t place SoA, where is that?

Hope tomorrow has MUCH more pixie dust!

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Spirit of Aloha, the dinner show at the Poly.

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spirit of aloha dinner show
we are at all star sports
2 rooms same price (so that is a plus) but the 2 rooms is what is causing all the problems with their computer system.

Hope things improve for you today!

Oh! Once the computer goes wonky it can be a challenge!

yea for Pluto!!! :+1:

Yeesh, Hope you got all the annoying stuff out of the way now!

Highly recommend a Banana Cabana; almost any WDW bar will make them for you. :tropical_drink:

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I’m so sorry for your horrible first day. I hope the rest of your trip is awesome! Love the picture with Pluto. He’s our family’s favorite, especially DD23.

Things are starting to work out for the better.