First day at WDW, what park should i do ? Rope drop will not be an option

So some advice please from all you lovely people here. I will arrive at my hotel on 6th Sept, and the 7th will be my first proper day but I will need to first go and see my holiday rep at Downtown Disney first to sort out a few bits and pieces, so what park should I head to after all that is done ?

Based on your late arrival, I personally would choose Epcot, which send to absorb people better. You can get your FPs for later in the day to make sure you don’t miss them.

Of course at that time of year, the parks will be relatively empty, so you probably could do any park. However AK might close early, so I would check park hours if thinking about that park.

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I agree, I think EP is the best choice.

Thanks, can have a bit of a lie in, do what I need to then head for Epcot :slight_smile: