First day at AKL ideas

Hi all! I’m looking for ideas for our first night staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’re going to stay at the hotel and not go to the park the first day. We’ll be getting to the hotel around 3pm.

It will be my husband, my 2-year old toddler, and I. We were thinking of going to Sanaa for dinner because of the amazing views of the animals. The only concern that I have is that my husband is more of a picky eater than our toddler. Has any picky eaters enjoyed eating there, or have any other ideas?

I was also thinking of doing the campfire and the movie outside.

Does anybody have any other ideas what to do on our first night there without going to the parks?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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When is your trip? There is so much to do at AKL? To give you an idea here is this month’s Resort activity guide.

Will it be warm enough to swim?

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Thanks for the guide!! We’re going in a few weeks, and I think it’ll be warm enough to swim. We’re switching resorts the next day and staying at the Poly for the remainder of our stay. Since we’ll be traveling all day, I thought it’d be good for the little one to just stay at the resort for the rest of the day! :slight_smile:

Around December 1st that link will be updated to December so you will be able to see all the activities that are available. I honestly could go from one over look to another and watch he animals. Night vision googles are fun! If you are staying at Jambo I think I would consider just eating at Mara and sitting outside by the pool.

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Thank you!! I will start looking for it in early December!! I didn’t realize how many overlooks there were. I think we’re honestly going to take your advice and eat at the Mara, swim, go to the campfire & watch the movie under the stars!! And walk through the resort of course to see all the animals!!

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My husband is a very picky eater as are our kids and all enjoyed our Sanaa dinner; we are going back next trip (and hubby and I went on our alone trip in Sept too!).

The movie outside is great. We did that on our first stay. It was set up just to the left of the pool, kind of behind the poolside bar. We saw Up <3

Just exploring the resort, viewing the animals (take the time to view from porches and such off the “wings” of the hotel, in addition to viewing from Arusha Rock. So many different vantage points to take in. I had a wonderfully quiet solo hour on one of our stays when I got a beverage at Victoria Falls and went exploring!

There are lots of cultural activities going on throughout the say. I think at night is when they have the drumming circle near the entrance of Jambo House.

I keep saying someday I will do a resort-only stay at AKL because there is that much to do there. But somehow the parks call my name :wink:

Thanks for all of the advice/info! Can I ask what your husband ordered at Sanaa? Then maybe I can nudge him to get the same! :slight_smile:

Shane had the butter chicken, I believe. It gets rave reviews from everyone and seems to be a go-to meal for the more choosy.

On our last “just us” trip, though, we just had the full bread service (all the sauces and all the breads) and then dessert. It was perfect and we left there contentedly full.