First day ADR on DP

Our flight is scheduled to land at 15:35 and we have an ADR for 7pm that day.

When we booked the ADR I needed to enter all my credit card details in case of cancellation, despite being on a DP.

My question is… If our flight gets delayed, or the transfer to onsite accommodation etc, and we can’t make the 7PM ADR, will I be billed via the credit card, or will it just deduct a credit from the DP, or something else?

I guess as a side question, is 3.5 hours after scheduled landing enough time to get to the ADR?

You will be charged $10 per person for missing the adr. They do not deduct DP credits. It is recommended not to book Adrs within 5 hours of expected arrival time in case of delays. Even if your flight arrives on time depending where your hotel is and where your ADR is it is still very tight. You need to allow at least 2 hours to get to resort( it can take longer ) then check in then 60-90 mins if using Disney transport within wdw to get to Adr.
I would change it to later or just cancel and do something else.

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The other thing to note is most ADRs just charge a $10 penalty per person if you no show. Some though, like Cinderella’s Royal Table at the castle, are pay in advance and you’d be on the hook for the entire cost if you no show. So the answer depends a little on where you’re eating.

Note to avoid the $10 penalty, some people will reschedule & then cancel later outside the 24 hour window - apparently that’s an evasive tactic that works. Also as long as someone shows, you won’t be charged, so a reservation for 8 can be satisfied by 1 diner showing to avoid the charges.

On average 3.5 hours should be plenty of time to make your ADR, but when traveling strange things happen so if your flight is delayed you’ll have issues obviously. Although DIS dining is relatively flexible for late arrivals as well so it’s not like if you arrive at 7:15 you won’t get to eat…

Where are you staying, and where is your ADR? 3.5 hours isn’t allowing you any time to freshen up or settle into the hotel.

Assuming your flight is not delayed and that you walk onto to DME and it pulls away right away without a wait…you will be fine. This actually happened 1x for us :slight_smile: But as mentioned above, 2 hours to your resort is the recommendation.

But, if you are eating at a restaurant in your hotel, this changes the scenario quite a lot since you are removing the transportation aspect.

If you are willing to use Taxi/Uber transportation instead of Disney transportation to get from your hotel to dinner, this also changes the scenario. You quickly go from a 45-90 min transportation ordeal to approx 20 min door to door for typically less than $20 including tip. I have used this option several times when it was needed.

We’re in Pop Century, with the ADR is in HS.

At least it would be a direct bus ride between the 2 and not having to transfer somewhere… so that’s a bonus. Taxi/uber would still be faster. If you use the bus, I would give yourself no less than 1 hour door to door.

Assuming you have no hiccups, I think you’ll be fine. If your flight gets delayed for whatever reason, I would be modifying that ADR immediately using @Damavs suggestion above so you can avoid the penalty - or - if available, pushing your ADR to a later time.

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