First Christmas Party

…of the season and for us. Planning to go 11/8. We’ve never seen Disney dressed for Christmas and I have a million questions that I will annoy you all with over the coming weeks. But I need specific help in regards to the party first so I can get my TP in order.

Should we plan to be able to ride a bunch of headliners? Or just soak it all in? (We will partake of limited treats due to DD’s allergies.)

My plan is to RD 8AM EMH. If we need to ride all the rides we will modify our butts off and ride all day and soldier on through to midnight at the party. However, if we can accomplish a lot of rides during the party we will head back for a midday rest cuz I am old.

Any other party tips or touring on a party day tips greatly appreciated. I just booked this trip yesterday so I am working inside my FP window in a modify frenzy.

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I don’t think you can count on being able to ride lots of headliners during the party. How much you can accomplish varies a lot with the parties because some are sell outs and others aren’t nearly as crowded. Since you are going to the first party, I would expect it to sell out. Just to give you a ballpark estimate, I’ve been to three parties and each time have ridden between 8-10 rides with three of those being with FP made between 4-6pm. In addition to rides, we also watched the Frozen Castle Lighting, Parade, and Fireworks and hit several treat stops.

If you are going to rope drop MK that morning, I would definitely suggest taking an afternoon break. You will enjoy the party so much more if you are a bit rested. You will have a blast! I love MVMCP so much that I am making a trip to WDW with my sister just for the party on Nov. 14!

Ok. Thanks!

We did RD through an 8-11pm DAH in Feb. Exhausting but so much fun! Maybe we’ll not try to kill ourselves this time. Sadly, I scored a 4:30 7DMT last night that I’ll have to give up if I can’t modify it to much earlier. Can’t bring myself to freeze up my Fps all day like that.

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We’ll be doing our first one also this year. It will probably be a sell out as it’s the last one. It’s a non park day for us so we’ll be hanging out at the resort-we aren’t banking on rides more of the treats, shows, and characters. Anyone ever do the Tony’s party extra during this time? It’s a bit pricey but it does last the entire party with lots of drinks and food.

We’re doing it on 12/5. @mousematt did it last year.

He’s doing it again this year, too :smile: