First Christmas announcement coming today

According to the Disney Parks Blog there will be an announcement today about Christmas.

Probably just some basic info. Maybe dates, whether there will be a party vs after hours event, Holidays around the World, whether Candlelight Processional and gingerbread decorations are returning.


I saw on another board where the Candlelight Processional page, which had been down, was back up with an updated picture - so I think that could be an indicator there. This is something I haven’t seen but would love to, no trip planned at that time period though.


After hours event replace MVMCP - Disney Very Merriest After Hours”, a new special-ticketed event will be available on select nights featuring “Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks,”

Holidays around the World at Epcot, no details
Sunset Seasons Greetings at DHS
Flotilla at AK


I found this part about the after hours event VERY interesting:

“Tickets will go on sale next month, with an early purchase window available to guests of select Walt Disney World Resort hotels.”
(emphasis added)

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I am pretty sure that same wording was included with the Boo Bash information.


I thought I had a couple more days of ignorant bliss! I swear I saw they were releasing details on the 14th.

Presumably means only WDW-owned hotels?

Maybe. But what if it means deluxe resorts only? You wouldn’t think they’d go that direction for an after hours party where everyone’s money is green, but…

When do Christmas decorations go up again? I didn’t see a date. I know I read Halloween was Sept 3 - Oct 31.

I won’t spend money on parties anymore; TOO crowded!

I doubt that would be the case…but I guess I couldn’t preclude it either. But I think in the past, that language has been used to differentiate WDW hotels from, say, Swan/Dolphin, or the Disney Springs hotels, etc.

If that’s the case…what “select hotels” were given first dibs?

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Yup, you’re right. Apparently I’m looking for a conspiracy, but it’s just not there. Thank you!

I would think ppl will receive an email telling them about the opportunity, if they have a reservation at one of the special hotels. I think they have done that in the past. I know I keep getting emails from Disneyland telling me to do stuff w/ my reservation and I don’t have a reservation there :rofl:

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I don’t think we noticed any that weren’t included.

No official list. Everyone didn’t receive an email, but I don’t think anyone that had resort reservations weren’t able to get tickets.

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Hmmm considering Disneyland got their actual party for halloweeen, I feel this is kinda a jerk move without seeing how the boo bash plays out.


Well this explains why my carefully crafted leading reservation for ADRs was so difficult today. Websitee was not cooperating at all.

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The gingerbread houses are back!


I think they’re doing the after hours events instead of a full party due to the 50th festivities (or that gives them the excuse anyway).

@ppehap This is an after hours event that should be more limited attendance than the parties. We’ll find out for sure when we see how many people are at Boo Bash.


oh yes, I want to hear reports about the crowds for Boo Bash :wink: Since we’ve done all the parties at least once and one AHE I’m ok w/ never doing them again… it was meh. Although, we did REALLY enjoy the Sanderson Sisters’ show at MNSSHP in 2018.

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I think it’s interesting that this after hours event is 4 hours long, not the usual 3.

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